By Tom Welch


Compassion’s shown to child with begging bowl

Even so, impoverished cherished neighbor.

We’re kind to stranger who has just arrived here

Even so, our own who’s lost his way.

We forgive the trolley riders’ bumping

Even so, a loved one’s broken trust.

But one is friend to no one who’s a stranger

Friendship is for those who are held close.

Arms open, welcome we the newest comer

Frisson, excitement, hint of subtle danger.

The risk, the chance one takes to gain a friendship

Is well rewarded when a closeness blooms.

This is the sweetness of a friendship given

The ever-ness and confidence of love.

Neglect can leave a friendship almost distant

Mistakes can make for awkward time or two.

But nothing cancels out a great communion

Once it is given, friendship is forever.



Tom WelchTom Welch has worked as a clerk, a high school math teacher, a radio intercept operator in the army, in finance at a large company, and as a leader/teacher for groups of adjudicated teens as well as for parents and children in a community education program that explores the effects of addiction on the family.  His blog  contains the items published on The Tattooed Buddha as well as a number of other writings. The family husky, Spirit, is 14 years old and loves cold weather, the colder the better. It is Tom’s assignment to walk the dog every morning without complaint. Spirit is getting very old. We are enjoying her while we can.

Photo: (Vivre/Tumblr)

Editor: Daniel Scharpenburg