By Lisa Meade


It has not always been easy.

I think in our day to day lives in our current society, expectation is a very real thing. We expect many things, depending upon our social economic status. We expect things based upon our religion. We expect things based upon our relationships. And on and on it goes.

But, when I began my shamanic practice, I learned to live a life of no expectations. It became a requirement. Unfortunately, for most, expectations keep life small. We can never dream of all the possibilities that our soul has in line for us. We can never expect all the Universe will offer. We can hardly dare to expect from others all we will experience with them.

We hesitate to believe how powerful we can become.

Living a live with no expectations requires a few things. Being open to all possibilities is the first. When we make rules, when we put ourselves in a box, when we create guidelines, what do we end up with? Expectations.

And if anything outside of our expectations manifests, we question or doubt it, we challenge it, or we may even fear it.

The other aspect of living without expectations is trust. Trust of ourselves, trust of our soul’s call, trust of Spirit, even trust of others. Oh what a scary thing for many. But, let’s dive a bit deeper. If we live a life of trust, we begin to understand there is very little, if anything that we are fully in control of, so why not put our trust in all we believe in? Why not trust that our inner truth will lead us to our next step on our path and that where we are right now, in this present moment, is exactly where we are meant to be? Why not take a look around for the gifts and lessons? Why not lean into the experience and allow it to shape us and help us grow?

I am on the brink of changing almost everything in my life.

I am moving from one side of the country out to the Rocky Mountains. I am putting my practice and financial means of support into a whirlwind of possibilities. I am trusting my guides, my spirit allies and my gut. I am leaving all I have known as far as my home location, my community, my financial income, my family for the past 53 years to go off on an adventure that speaks to my soul. I have no expectations.

I am open to all possibilities.

I am not sure what the future holds. I trust it will bring happiness and the ability for me to continue being in service to others. I am excited. I am open.

What happens to our energetic fields when we choose to live like this? Options become abundant. Naysayers step up and become vocal. Our soul expands and steps forward into the new beginning energies. And our ego begs for us to keep life the same, to keep it small and reminds us of all that can go wrong. We have to choose where we will place our focus. We have to decide what we want to influence our day to day energies.

I have chosen long ago to not live a life of expectations. Are there times when it is challenging? Um, yes! But the old way had challenges too. Are there times when it feels overwhelming? Yup! And that happened in the old way as well. Are there times when it is incredibly empowering, filled with joy, abundant life, exuberant possibilities and unending hope. Yes! The old way, hmmm, not so much.

Living a life without expectations does not mean we don’t have goals. But it does mean we remain very flexible, open to signs and affirmations, exploring our options and engaging with our soul’s desires.

Life is good!

I would have it no other way! I can only hope that more people will find this aspect of living and the freedom and richness that it can add to one’s life. Living without expectations leads to living a life of miracles, abundance, beauty and wonder. Yes, it requires hard work, practice and integrity as well. But that is a given.

Life without expectations opens the flood gates to options you can’t even dream of and choices you will delight in.


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