By Don Ford

A tale told in 44 lines of poetry.

“I’ll give him seven wishes.”
“But Billie is a worm?”
Said our Wizard to the Witch.
“Then we’ll watch him squirm.”

“You see, I had to cast a spell
On every wish first of all.
He’ll get the opposite of what he asks for.
You’ll hear me laughing down the hall.”

“At first I’ll asked for little money,”
Being the modest worm he was.
But millions instead fell from the sky.
Soon the whole room was all abuzz.

I’ll wish for a slightly bigger home.

He found his quarters very tight.
The ground then simply opened up,
Revealing a mansion all in light.

Next he hoped for a girl worm’s glance.
But a hundred winked at him that day!
Now our Witch didn’t know what to do.
Should he go or should she stay?

Wish No. 4 he wished on our Witch.
“May our Witch have a brighter day!”
Suddenly the sky grew very black.
Into the Darkness our Witch strayed.

“Have you had enough wishes?”
The witch quizzed the Worm.
“You may have my last three, if you want!”
Now we’ll see who really squirms!

Our Witch wished for wealth untold.
But then a sad phone call did come in.
The Witch owed money to the IRS
This put our poor Witch in a spin!

All her wishes were still negative ones.
“I wish you’d come take the wishes away!”
But sadly the opposite was the case.
100 more wishes fell on her that day!

“I’m sorry for your sadness, loss of joy.”

In her greed of asking for youth and gold,
The opposite would then befall her.
She became quite poor and very old!

Now the first seven wishes were all used up.
Our Worm then went home to a cozy place.
Our poor Witch wished she hadn’t cast that spell
100-fold wishes flew right back in her face.



Don FordDon Ford is a storyteller who began at 15 to pen Poetry & Short Stories. A Native American writer with a strong belief in Creator God and an Environmentalist caring for the natural world. He writes in every genre. He hopes humor keeps readers turning the pages of his work. Don’s work has landed him publishing contracts throughout the U. S. and Europe; Portugal and Cyprus in particular with connections in 62 other countries. He does Editing for short stories up to novellas, along with cover art for their books. From 2006 to 2011, he was the Forum Moderator for both the Humor Forum and the Spiritual Forum for Readers Digest Magazine. He was also the named Storyteller for the New York State Parks and Recreation Dept. at the New York State Fair Aug./ Sept. 2011. email: drewsdad13104@yahoo.com.


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Editor: Alicia Wozniak