By Saraswati J

Saturn is a powerful planet, one that dishes up our karmas to us—but not on a silver platter.

He is our greatest suffering and sorrows, but ultimately our enlightenment. He moves slowly and methodically, taking 2.5 years to move through each sign. What Saturn offers us is the depth of our being, our humanness, whether through experiencing the human form, the physical body, or through the reactions of our actions.

Life might be easier without him, but it would truly lack depth, lessons learned, and the necessity for consistent effort which is necessary for us to grow and evolve.

As per my article, Ripening Slowly with Saturn:

“Saturn brings both the blessings and the curses of life—as he gives his wisdom only through the slow ripening of time, effort, suffering, loss and age. It takes time to learn the deepest, hardest and most important wisdom of life. This wisdom has to be worked for and requires effort to receive. Thus, Saturn pays us in enlightenment for the work, effort, steady actions, that we make over a long period of time. If we don’t adhere to his rules for wisdom, he will make us suffer the consequences.”

Saturn is worth studying, working with, not against. Being very familiar with his ways is vital for life and living. This will cause less suffering, less misery, fewer health issues and less depression and despondency. For on the other side of suffering is great alliance with Nature and her wisdom, as well as the sacred Laws of the Universe. This is one of the gifts that Saturn grants us when we are in alignment with Source.

As Saturn moved into Scorpio on November 2nd 2014, our deepest transformations had the opportunity to take place. These weren’t the easy kinds of transformations though. They were not on the surface, but were from our very old, unconscious existence.

Our transformations will be on the level of old karmas, past vows, ancestral ties and lineage bonds. The changes we make over the next 2.5 years will depend on our willingness to change, to open to our shadows, our darkness and weaknesses. Scorpio does not pertain to frivolity, but instead to our core principles and beliefs, our hidden and mysterious senses, and to the magic and secrecy of existence.

Because Scorpio is directly connected to the eighth house and all meanings of the eighth house, it requires an understanding of both Scorpio and 8th house matters.

I explained this in another article I wrote:

“On the positive spectrum of things, the 8th house is linked to transformations and transcendence, as well as mystical and occult knowledge and of course our sexual nature. When life gets tough, we naturally get tougher; which is the essence of the eighth house. It forces us to surrender. To disarm and let go. We scream “uncle!” at the top of our lungs and wait in our self made prison for relief to arrive. And if it arrives, we are determined to change, re-direct ourselves, to rise above and out of the trenches. The eight house is indeed hidden, unseen, and thus relates to the unseen and hidden realms- both internally and externally. Our pain after all is solely connected to our shadows. A Scorpio is determined to shed its shadowed self which is why Ketu (the “planet” of liberation and moksha) is considered exalted here.”

Not everyone is as familiar with their 8th house and their Scorpio nature as they need to be. Not everyone is willing to look intimately at their shadows and darkness in order to bring greater light to it. Not everyone is determined to transform and transcend. For those that are, this Saturn and Scorpio cycle will be much easier, much more helpful. Your willingness will determine how you emerge from this Saturn cycle in 2.5 years.

Scorpio is the sign that the Moon is considered debilitated in. Moon is our emotional body, our sensitivity, our receptivity, creativity, and our ability to change, re-direct and re-generate ourselves. Moon in Scorpio heightens the sensitivity of the emotional body and forces us to address its needs, our emotional messages and patterns.

This will be a potent cycle for our emotional body, gaining more wisdom from its messages, and moving into greater alignment with our emotional wisdom.

With Jupiter exalted in Cancer for the first nine months of this transit, we get a heightened dose of emotional body messaging and perhaps a greater ability to listen, act and change as a result. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and is exalted in Cancer, which directly connects to our heart center and our emotional body; he’s here until mid 2015.

The wisdom we have access to at the beginning of this Saturn in Scorpio transit- as a result of exalted Jupiter—has the ability to carry us through the remainder of of this 2.5 year transit. So diligently listen to the emotional body messages being offered to you until July of 2015. Read more about Jupiter in Cancer.

As with any growth in our lives, it is directly determined by how much space we create for the newness to enter. Since Scorpio and the 8th house have to do with losses, letting go, deaths and release, our ability and willingness to let go, release and remove what is not serving our highest Self, will determine what we can later invite in and allow into our lives for increased fulfillment and joy.

If there’s no space for the new to enter, you won’t be able to receive. Again, the greater your willingness to let go, change and transform, the greater your ability to invite in new possibilities for yourself. The depth of your transformation for this cycle is directly connected to your resistance to change and release, as is the amount of suffering you will experience.

Those who embrace the changes that are coming for them will have an easier time than those who resist the changes. Saturn is a non-negotiable planet, his agenda rules. However, we do have some options about how much we choose to suffer- which is largely based on our resistance to it. Less resistance to suffering, equals less suffering.

This is yet another reminder to get very intimate with your emotions, to cultivate a deeper relationship with them, to invite in the feeling level of your life in new ways. Cultivating presence, compassion and creating a safe container for your emotional expression is vital. For those of us who are extra sensitive, this Saturn cycle will likely increase our sensitivity, so be mindful of your needs and self care.

None of this is meant to scare you, but as a double Scorpio myself, and one that has lived to tell the tale of Scorpio transiting through my own 8th house (and currently going through another sade sati) I can tell you that this transit demands your attention and intention. For those who have been floating by, resisting their biggest life lessons, this transit will not allow you to stay in ignorance any longer.

The depth that every Scorpio knows so well, will usher in an increase of depth and awareness for the world that has not yet been seen before. We will each get a new look at our darkness and receive opportunities to transform our shadows. Get your flashlights out!

Looking at The Next 2.5 Years Ahead

Saturn shifted into Scorpio officially on November 2nd 2014, however we may have noticed shifts well before this. Once Saturn shifted into its sandhi placement (the gap between Libra and Scorpio at just over 28 degrees) the portal opens and the “Saturn in Scorpio” experience is ushered in. This opening began on October 15th.

As I mentioned above, for the first nine months of this transit, Jupiter is also exalted, which increases our ability to access emotional body wisdom and awakening through Jupiter’s energy. With Jupiter giving his gaze (drishti) to Saturn, we get greater balance, increased harmony and insights from the softer more gentile energy of Jupiter.

From Saturn’s position in Scorpio, he will give his gaze to three, seven and ten houses away from him. Look for Scorpio in your chart and then see what houses he will be looking at. This will give you an idea of what areas of your life you will be working with directly, and what Saturn will be activating for you. From his placement in Scorpio, he will give his drishti to Capricorn (his own sign), Taurus, and Leo.

Saturn begins his six month retrograde motion on March 14th 2015.

This is an event of re-visiting our structures, support systems- both internally and externally. The returning process is happening on an emotional body level which will demand our complete attention- especially as Jupiter continues to transit through the heart-centered emotional water sign of Cancer. The inner work that we commit to at this time will be lasting, deeply rooted change. This will bring transformation on the physical and emotional body levels

Once Jupiter moves into Leo, July of 2015, Saturn will no longer receive the soft gaze of Jupiter. Instead, Saturn will be giving his more stern gaze to Jupiter in Leo. This will increase the edge, the effort, and the work required of us. It will put the emphasis back on Saturn, instead of the balancing effect Jupiter can have on Saturn’s energy.

Rahu and Ketu shift into Leo and Aquarius on January 30th of 2016.

This ushers in a new cycle of shadow work for us. Saturn will then give his drishti to Rahu and we get the “Rudra effect” happening within Leo. Shifts, changes, upheavals, transitions on a bigger scale occur. Ego issues will play a role in our transformations and our emotional work. Be diligent with these themes as you work with your shadows and healing.

August 18th of 2017, Rahu and Ketu shift again.

This time they move into Cancer and Capricorn. Rahu gives his gaze now to Saturn who has moved to the edge of Scorpio. The Rudra energy of change and movement continues, but with a more intensified shadowed effect. The ultimate lessons of Saturn in Scorpio come to their peak at this time, so be looking for cosmic reminders and messages during this time period. Shortly thereafter, Saturn moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on October 26th, 2017, finishing his transit through the transformational sign of Scorpio.

Saturn’s Transformational Effects By Sign

I’ve indicated above the overall themes, general tendencies, and effects of Saturn’s passage through Scorpio. Though it is impossible to say what the unique effects of this transit will be on you individually without looking at your personal jyotish chart, I can give you a more targeted idea by looking at each rising sign. Below, I give the general effects of Saturn’s transit through Scorpio based on rising sign and the effects he will have three, seven and ten houses away. For an individualized assessment, please contact me for a personal session.

Aries: Saturn transits through your eighth house of past- past karmas, past lives, past experiences. This is a hidden house, one that brings us our greatest struggles, challenges and haunts, however, it is the house that offers the biggest changes and transformations as well. These transformations will effect your career, your offerings to the world, as well as your wealth, nourishment and voice. Children, creativity, passion and education will also be effected. Work with self expression, overcoming your oldest, deepest shadows and the parts of your self that are keeping you in the dark. Relationships play a role in your transformational process. Emotions will be your most important resource and tool of information.

Taurus: Your main focus is on relationships and the effects the “other” has on you. Transformation comes through recognizing who you are in relation to your partners, clients/students, family, friends and all your mirrors. The “other” is your greatest guru, teacher, for the coming Saturn cycle. Work with boundaries, co-dependency, and what your innate gifts and talents are- irrespective of giving or doing. You’ll be working with the bindings the ego has on you and your emotional body. This is terribly important healing work for you to do, and essential for your personal liberation and your dharmic path.

Gemini: Your willingness to work on your bad habits will determine the amount of transformation you achieve during this transit. Heal and be healed. Your personal growth can be of benefit to others, so share it and be transparent about your shadows. Use your past to courageously push you into your shadows, and the places within you that most need light and fresh air. The effort you put into your personal growth will show up as greater freedom, moksha and liberation and will ultimately serve your life purpose. Time away on long distance voyages, at ashrams, and in solitude, will help your transformation take place. Use creativity, communication and the arts courageously and take bold action steps. Children, passions and education are beneficial, while friends and monetary gains take extra effort.

Cancer: Passion, creativity, children and education are the main players in your transformation process. Relationships are effected and require your consistent effort and commitment. The “other” is also enlivened to give you a powerful mirror for your growth. There can be gains and losses through friendships and money so work consciously with the waves. Speech, voice and self expression play a role in your nourishment and support. Emotional body work is a non-negotiable part of your effort for this time period. Career requires your diligent efforts as well as your past karmas and shadow work.

Leo: Saturn will have you working directly with heart, home and emotional body wisdom. Your mother will play a role in your process and your transformation. Looking at parts of your shadow that are tangled into the emotions will be an important part of your process. Who are you without your giving, sharing, leading and offering? Heal and be healed. Let your work in the world be a resource for your personal transformation. Who are you becoming and what is your intention for this change? Who and what is holding you back? If the shadows and haunts were removed from your heart, who would you be? Creativity, courage and the arts are well worth your effort while dharma, teaching and gurus require extra attention and intention.

Virgo: Creativity, courage, communication and the arts are hugely transformational for you as Saturn transits your third house. Seek teachers, gurus and guides to help you with your journey and dharma. Teach, advise and offer your wisdom to others as a means of personal growth and development. Let your passions, children and education inform your growth and desires. Long distance journeys, solitude and time on retreats and in ashrams will serve your overall liberation process. Wealth, nourishment and support come with courage and effort. Your shadows and overcoming your karmic past require the most effort, but will be the most worthy of your time.

Libra: Nourishment, wealth and self sufficiency are your main areas of transformation during this transit. The past informs your efforts, so work diligently with old shadows, stories and limiting beliefs. Emotional body, home and heart, can provide greater stability with your consistent efforts. Gains, friendships and wealth fluctuate, providing you with new awareness through the ups and downs. Learn and grow through creativity, children and educational opportunities. Gains come through self growth and self effort. Relationships, however, may require extra effort and willingness on your part.

Scorpio: Saturn will have you changing from inside out as he transits through your first house. This 2.5 year transit marks a fresh Saturn cycle for you. This transit takes your ultimate courage and creative efforts and is a beginning for you on many levels. Let the arts, the hands, and communications inform your process. Work directly with relationships and what the mirror of “other” is showing you. Take all of these pieces of awareness and put them into your career. It’s time for you to start sharing, working, and being seen in new and different ways. Your past efforts will start paying off, but not without the personal growth and healing efforts you are accustomed to. The work never stops as you know well, but let it help you re-invent yourself from the ground up.

Sagittarius: Use long distance travel, time alone, retreats and ashram living for this transformational time period as Saturn transits your 12th house. This is an inward time, so use it for introspection, meditation and inner growth. Work with your bad habits, and seek healing support. Nourishment, wealth, and support issues are important places to put attention for your journey. Seek the wisdom and guidance of teachers, gurus and guides and also share your wisdom with others who can benefit from your inner resources and rich inner life. This impacts your dharma and what you are hear to do in the world. Friends and money become important assets, while children, passion, education and creativity require your greatest efforts and consistent actions.

Capricorn: Friendships and monetary gains ebb and flow as Saturn transit your 11th house. These are your main areas of focus during this transit. These themes will insist on your efforts and will also help you learn the most about yourself in the process. Children, creativity, passion and education provide greater awareness. Transformations and shadows that involve your ego play a major role in your overall changes and growth, but will also be the hardest part of yourself to address. Let the old stories and paradigms tell you where you need to look more deeply at your shadows and haunts. Wherever you are struggling the most is where you are resisting the changes and transformations the most.

Aquarius: Saturn’s transit through your career house encourages major transformations in your work life, your dharma, and your offerings to the world. You will be changing what you offer, how you offer it and also who you offer it to. Work with liberation, alone time, ashram life, and spiritual knowledge in order to aid you in this process. Heart, home and emotional body, as well as mother, are main contributing factors in your personal growth and development. Work directly with relationship matters, concerns and struggles- they will require your attention and focus as well. Teach, share, advise and get support from gurus and teachers. Your communication, creativity and artistry will require extra effort, but will be worth it.

Pisces: Saturn transits your 9th house of wisdom, dharma and higher learning. This is a transformational time for your path and purpose, who you are and why you are here. Use creativity, the hands, communication, the fine arts and your courageous action steps for increasing your growth and understanding about your path. This is a time of healing others and being healed as well. Work with your ego, bad habits and the parts of yourself that refuse to be vulnerable. Friends and time alone can be valuable for your process, while money, relationships, and past karmas require your greatest efforts.


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