By Carol Reedy Rogero

If it’s pre-sunrise on Sunday morning or any summer/vacation morning you’ll likely find me headed to meditate at my church/pharmacy, the beach.

I live about 13 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean, yet when I close my eyes I clearly hear its call from across the causeway—the rhythmic crashing of the waves in concert with the sun and moon slows my breath and soothes my frayed synapses.

I am home.

I seat myself on a circular beach blanket and begin sun salutations. As my breathing syncs, I try to imagine actually breathing out the swarm of thoughts that regularly take up residence inside my brain. If weather, time or other factors keep me from physically being by the ocean, my meditation stand-in is a small sound machine that costs $19.97 and replicates the soothing elixir of the ocean waves.

Whether I’m able to meditate 10 minutes or much longer, my body, mind and soul benefit immensely from this restorative practice and I emerge feeling more ready to face life and and all the curveballs it may throw.


Carol Reedy Rogero is a 6th grade teacher by day, second act poet/writer by night, and anytime lover of books and travel. She scours the beach regularly for trash and heart shaped coquina. She blogs on her site, This Pedestrian Life and is on Facebook where she hopes readers feel a connection and find something inspirational that speaks to their heart and touches their soul.