By Christopher

I’m a fan of the philosophy that meditation can be done anywhere.

Sometimes when I find myself on a bus or eating I try to bring myself into the present moment by using the senses.

Growing up, I had so much access to instant gratification via technology that I tended to gravitate towards picking up my phone and constantly filling my mind with input, input, input. To curb this, I’m now allowing myself to embrace the void rather than avoid the void.

Becoming comfortable with boredom and being able to actually have silence in my life allows for some kind of gateway to intuition, to listening with the heart.

I’m taking the Yoga Development Course at Yasodhara Ashram right now and driving here I knew I was entering into a different space. I usually drive with the radio playing (I very often listen to talk radio), but instead I chose to simply drive in silence.

Removing stimulus is a huge part of my practice of meditation.


Photo: Yasodhara Ashram