As the name suggests, restorative yoga makes your body capable of restoring strength, fitness and wellness. Practicing this type of yoga helps the entire body and mind relax.


By Henry Veno

Be it personal life or professional, self confidence defines our personality.

In this era of bustling lifestyles, people hold too much stress. It is so obvious that our mental condition would affect our self confidence. Do you face the same issue? Keep reading this article and you’ll be guided on the right path with an effective solution.

Restorative yoga is highly responsible for boosting confidence and enhancing our personalities. There are a few yoga poses that relieve stress and help us to be in a good frame of mind. Before heeding the benefits of the restorative yoga poses, let’s understand exactly what restorative yoga is and its health benefits.

Restorative Yoga

There are many different types of yoga. One that demands little twists and folds, along with the significant use of props, is restorative yoga. As the name suggests, restorative yoga makes your body capable of restoring strength, fitness and wellness. Practicing this type of yoga helps the entire body and mind relax.

Restorative yoga brings in loads of health benefits such as improving flexibility, enhancing the state of mind, deep relaxation, boosting the immune system and much more. One of the most advantageous perks is that it boosts confidence. For a brief description, take a note of these restorative yoga poses and enhance your state of mind.

Corpse Pose

One of the basic restorative yoga poses is savasana, a.k.a. corpse pose. To initiate with this pose, you simply need to lie your entire body on the floor in a neutral position. Ensure you are lying back on the forearms. Gently lift pelvis slightly off the floor and inhale. Hold this position for few seconds and exhale while placing the pelvis back on the ground. Once done with the lifting and placing of the pelvis, try same with raising arms and legs gradually while breathing in and out.

Child’s Pose

This restorative yoga pose is prominently known as balasana. It is practiced by sitting on the ground; moving into the correct posture won’t be difficult with these step-by-step instructions:

1. Begin by kneeling on the floor in such a way that your big toes touch. Sit on your heels by separating knees, leaving a distance from the wideness of hips and take a deep breath.

2. Exhale while bringing your body down to rest between your thighs. Stretch towards your head and torso forward by broadening back of the pelvis and narrowing down the hips.

3. Place your arms and hands on the floor alongside your body. This will release the stress created between the shoulders and help make you feel relaxed.

4. Hold this pose for more than 30 seconds, as the main purpose of balasana is to let the body rest.

Apart from this pose, you can also practice the child’s pose using a bolster, a large rectangular pillow, as a prop. For this pose, you simply need to kneel down and place the bolster under your body allowing the thighs to be open. This way the torso, neck, shoulders, head, all the body parts are rested. Also, rest your arms on the floor for the support. While resting on the bolster, deep inhales and exhales will work wonders for the mood and make you feel happier from within.

Reclining Hero Pose

You can use pillows or blankets on the floor to support yourself in this pose, Supta Virasana; I recommend doing so to help build your strength before reclining back completely, if you are new to this pose*. Kneel down on the floor, your legs tucked under your body, with the pillows directly behind you.

Take a deep breath and lean back slowly as far as you can using the pillows for support. While leaning back, make sure you start by leaning on your hands, then on the forearms and elbows. This way all the muscles are stretched that relieves the stress between them. Reclining like a hero on your back while inhaling and exhaling actually improves concentration and confidence along with enhancing mental health.

*Reclining hero pose demands immense flexibility. If you’re not able to sit on your buttocks on the floor, kindly don’t practice it.


If you’re striving to make self-improvements, consider these three restorative yoga poses to help boost your self-confidence.


Henry Veno is a fitness and a healthy diet addict. A Failed Chef turned adventurer and writer. He’s a tech geek and loves to explore latest happenings and works as an editor at TheDietSuggestions.




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