Dove and Peace

Conflict within creates conflict around us. If we can find a way to love our selves and our lives, this love then shines throughout our relationships and our world.


By Lisa Meade

There seems to be great turmoil on our globe—few would deny this.

To find peace takes a good deal of searching. And most certainly, to find true peace, we must begin with ourselves.

What does finding peace within oneselves look like? Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ask yourself this: Do I like myself? Really like myself? How do I show that I do like myself? What are my inner conflicts? How are my relationships with others?

So many of the answers that lie within us express the peace we bring to the world around us.

Change begins with us. Our best resources are there. We need to begin with our relationship with the self by bringing love, compassion and understanding to our own personal struggles and growth and one of the best ways to support this change is to bring this love, compassion and understanding to those around us as well. Often times we find we are harder on ourselves than those around us. By bringing these gentle offerings to others we sometimes find it easier to apply it to our own personal demons and challenges. We learn that love grows as we express it.

Personal peace is not easily obtained.

We live in a world that challenges peace regularly. It tells us who we should be, what we should do and with whom. It tells us how much money to make, what job we should have, where we should live and so on. All this pressure can cause strife, unhappiness, overwhelm and disconnect. It certainly does not foster a peaceful existence if we allow it to dictate our choices. The struggle is presented to us daily. Learning to create boundaries, to obtain balance, and to turn to our spiritual practice for soulful well being becomes very important self care.

We often find peace when we are able to defend our needs and passions, when we can support our families, when our choices are of our own and not made by others. Finding inner peace is a challenge.

So what does finding peace within ourselves mean?

It is learning to embrace the all of us. It is understanding that we are complex human beings with lives that bring along these struggles and challenges. By fighting what is, longing for what we do not have, projecting into the future and dragging along the baggage of our past losses only denies us the peace we deserve. And as long as we continue to do this, our outer world will lack the peace that we seek as well.

Conflict within creates conflict around us. If we can find a way to love our selves and our lives, this love then shines throughout our relationships and our world.

And like many things in life, what we project to the world is responded to in kind. Bringing our inner peace to those around us will support the peace we are seeking from them. Peace works like a magnet.

So does love.

The more we embrace it, the more we share it, the more it manifests around us.

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” There is so much truth in such simple words. But isn’t that true for so much of our personal growth spiritually? Remember, simple does not mean it is easy.

But if each of us could find a bit more of our own inner peace, it is hard to argue that the world would not be a better place for it.


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