By Debbie Lynn


Yes it is magical, but not really so mystical…

I read yet another “list of signs” of awakening (ascending) the other day, (they keep showing up) so I would like to offer a different view—a logical view—perhaps a more rational side of our “enlightenment.”

What if waking up is a simply process of wiping the sand out of our eyes? What if we have done our work and made some choices because of our persistence to purpose and betterment?

Along side our intellect we can also embrace the spiritual, because (to me) they are hand in hand whether you are from a religious background or none at all.

As above, so below. Spirituality is a way of life and a way to commune in and with nature along side our daily grind. But when we are ready and at some kind of crossroads in our life, and acceptance makes its way into our heart, everything looks and feels different.

I like this definition:

spiritual |ˈspiriCHo͞oəl| adjective

of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things: I’m responsible for his spiritual welfare | the spiritual values of life.

(of a person) not concerned with material values or pursuits.

As we pursue a greater level of attainment, we change; we grow and expose ourselves to an openness that aligns with the universal energy (the flow of our life). When we come to meet that there is something bigger out there and all we have to do is let it in…. all the “ascension signs” become clear.

1) When we carry love instead of a grudge—we rise.

2) When we consider the outcome of our thoughts, our actions and our words and the implications they have —we rise.

3) We when we tune out the noise and tune into the beat of our Mother—we rise.

4) We when pass up the urge to argue for ego—we rise.

5) When calm over chaos is our new persona—we rise.

6) When we can tap into our nature with love—we rise.

7) When we read the Masters, (study their words and digest the meanings) practice our mediations and understanding of basic law of give and take—we rise.

8) When the little things give us goosebumps—we rise.

9) When there is a need for more sleep—something deeper pulling at the heart (disturbing our rest at night) that needs some attention. Give it attention—we rise.

10) When we find it difficult to concentrate, perhaps we are flogged with “busy” and need to make time to revive, re-organize, resolve as we do and we gift our self some time—we rise.

11) When we notice things we haven’t noticed before, we have opened the portal to acceptance—we rise.

12) When we address that our bodies are craving things we don’t normally crave, and take care of those cravings—we rise.

13) When we fully treat our body as a temple that it truly is (mind/body/core)—we rise.

14) When we “know” what we “know” and we have quietly surrendered to our knowing—we rise.

15) When we choose love over hate—we have arrived because we have chosen to rise to the occasion.

It’s pretty simple. I believe there really isn’t anything more to it. It isn’t religion, rites, sacrifices, Hail Mary, praying bended knee, or only on Sunday. It is living life the best you can do with high intention and kindness.

The earth is changing. It always has and always will with or without us. The best we can do is be the best we can be and don’t make too much of it.  Life is for us, but we should never take it for granted.

Tap into the simple complexity and revere it, embrace it and flow with it…then we rise.


Photo: their-theyre-there/tumblr

Editor: Dana Gornall