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By Lisa Meade


After a recent conversation with a client, I found myself reflecting on the different ways in which change enters our lives.

It can run the spectrum from chaotic and loud to subtle and silent. I think there are times when we are in the place of silent change that we wonder if anything is happening at all. I think there are times when we worry we are stalled, not doing enough, lost or failing to move forward. More often than not, great change is happening in the many layers that make us who we are, but in a very gentle and quiet sort of way.

So many of the changes in life require us to take action. We ponder what we need to embrace, what we need to release, what we are calling into our life or who we should interact with. But then there are those times when change seems to occur without little to no action taken by us.

We are often awestruck.

Did this change just gracefully move through our path and surround us?

The miracle of change occurs on so many levels. Our egoic self believes that we are the main cause of the active unfolding of our days, yet on a soul level the energies are in a continuum of shift; in the ebb and flow. It is in these realms that our thoughts do not need to interfere; our clumsy actions do not get in the way and our authentic truth steps forward to manifest what is needed next. There is magic in the silent changes as the Universe responds to our needs.

The power in this silent change comes from our trusting. It is found in the learning to let go of control and expectations. It grows as we become more and more willing to trust in our guides, our connection to Source and our innate wisdom. Silently these beautiful powers are not in need of our intellectual direction, as they are guided by our truths, our passions, our callings and our higher self.

So the next time you are wondering why there seems to be a lull, relax, trust and wait. Silently, within the wondrous layers that make you—you, there is plenty happening. And all of it is bringing you to the exact place in time that aligns all that needs to be for you to make the most of your life and you truth.


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