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By Edith Lazenby


Something is dying

And maybe that is why I cry.

The sadness unfolds

And tears fall

Like the fall rain I hear

Out my window.

I look out

Because I no longer

Want to gaze within

To the fragments

And shards of my heart

That time is whittling

Into a sharp blade

I won’t use

Though endings

Find me at every corner.

I grasp for hope

In a faith

That won’t allow

Me to break open

Or fall apart

For what grows

Is strong as concrete

And warms like a sun

In winter because

All things shift

As people come and go

And as much

As I long to hang on

To at least one person

The only thing I do

Is let go for

Nothing lasts and all love

Shows is how to heal

So I can feel

And let another take

What I offer

Until it too finds the break

In the road

And once again

I fold grace into my palms

Ready to wake up alone.


edith lazenbyEdith “Edie” Lazenby lives in Baltimore and teaches yoga. Writing is her first love. She enjoys a cup of coffee and being around people. Life is a celebration. Writing helps her celebrate.




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Editor: Dana Gornall