slow down


By Lisa Meade


Time passes quickly.

This is a fact we learn as we move through our life. The days of childhood are long gone, as well as the feelings of a day lasting a lifetime. Now, I find that the week no sooner begins and I am looking at Friday! It is not that I am over busy or over worked. But my life is full! There are many things I am involved in with passion and delight.

I am not one to rush through things. I like to savor moments. I like to enjoy the energy. I like to be present.

When I do take the time to slow down, I notice my focus shifts as well. I become a more attentive listener. I offer more of my heart to the moment. I pick up on nuances that would otherwise be missed.

Slowing down also helps me to be more efficient and effective in my tasks as well.

Sloppy errors rarely happen. I am tuned in and I pick up on things that could go amiss before they actually happen and I am able to intervene. There are times when others will struggle with my choice to maintain my personal pace. They want me to step it up, to get it done, to rush forward. And sometimes picking up the pace is necessary, but more often than not, it just leads me to yet another task that they want me to rush through.

And where exactly is this leading me? More than likely not to a moment in time that matters more than being present—aware in the here and now.

My natural rhythms flow when I slow down.

I tend to be a rather grounded person and so when I am going at my own natural pace my energetic vibrations match. As I bring this to the many activities of my day I find I get more done, am very awake and aware and enjoy my way through the day. Slowing down helps me to maintain a balance in my life between the doing and the being.

Slowing down, whether it be at work, food preparation, eating, moving or in conversation creates space for magic and wonder as well. It allows me to check in with my source and be in the moment.

It allows me to share this beauty with others.

Our world is fast paced. It can be chaotic and frenzied. But I can choose to be within my own energetic vibrations and live a life that fits my flow. When I do, good things happen. When I do, I feel whole and complete. When I do, I bring my best to what I do.

There is great beauty to be found in the slowing down.


Photo: teacoffeebooks/tumblr

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