Origami box


By Julia W. Prentice

Help me to destroy

This origami prison box

Of folded yesterdays

The bars paper-thin

Almost made of moonbeams

Yet they hold me captive

Girded only with the robe

Of today’s truth and

Deep desire for

Tomorrows without creases

Stepping through

A gentle push from you

And your hand at my back

From moonbeam bars unbent

Emerging reborn

Origami shreds

Colored gold and blood-red

Are all that’s left behind

Julia PrenticeJulia W. Prentice is a deeply feeling Cancer. She has been writing since her teenage years, is the mother of three sons, has successful careers in teaching children, interpretation in sign language and assisting persons with mental health challenges to find their own paths to recovery, through sharing her own journey. Living with her love and partner of over forty years has brought contentment and much fulfillment. She writes like she breathes: incessantly, some in ragged gasps, some in whispering sighs, some in mighty shouts. Always she is driven to write. Recently after taking a women’s online writing course she has heard the universe telling her to share her writings.

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Editor: Dana Gornall