mother & son


By Andrew McNally


My Mother and me walked hand in hand

down a trodden path

that wound its way through a field of wild flowers

and tall grass.

We walked to a patch of ground were we

laid our blanket wide to look up at the clouds as they passed by. We

smiled at the clouds and

replied in turn.

Father Sun shown down as

the dragonflies hovered and the butterflies suckled

on clover with the bees.

My Mother and me sang a song

only we could hear.

Whose melody was played on heart strings

that resonated from Her heart to mine.

The smile never faded from 

Her mouth and eyes.

The wind blew and swayed

the field like waves

on a green ocean.

Birds chirped and time

passed by.


Andrew McNallyAndrew McNally is currently striving to attain a master’s degree in counseling from a University in Maine.  He enjoys hiking, biking, and swimming, as well as working on wood crafting projects in his spare time.  With a belief that the divine lies in each and every human, as well as anything else that exists in the universe, Andrew strives to connect to Life and it’s divinity in an way possible including, meditation, walks in the woods, and taking trips in his colorful and vivid imagination.

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Editor: Daniel Scharpenburg