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By Saraswati J

Multiple planetary shifts are occurring during this waning dark half.

Mercury has just entered Aquarius, Venus jumps into Aries, Sun moves to Pisces and Saturn goes retrograde—all in a period of 7 days. These changes are ushering in fresh starts, preparing us for the new Moon, eclipses and Vasant Navaratri, the nine day celebration honoring the Divine Mothers. The blossoming Shakti of spring is already awakening.

We’ve had weeks of intense focus on water signs and our emotional body, but now the heat is on! Fire intensifies as the Sun moves into the water sign Pisces, conjunct Mars and Ketu. Three fire planets in a water sign!

Additionally, ruling planet of Pisces, the water planet Venus, is in a fire sign, Aries, as well. The next two weeks will require us to face our challenging emotions diligently, while the gaze of Jupiter onto Pisces will assist with support and nourishment for this process.

Anger will be an important theme to address during this time. What is underneath the anger?! What is your anger trying to tell you?! What are the needs below the anger, frustration and rage?! Addressing these questions will help you find a deeper relationships with passion, your fire of life. Be brave!

We are each in a time of deep transformation and changes that connect to endings, release and letting go.

As multiple planets touch the re-structuring heat of Ketu on their way out of Pisces (endings) and into Aries (beginnings), we will feel many areas of our being getting reformatted.

The portal between Pisces and Aries opens up once Venus starts the procession from the end of the zodiac into the beginning. Mars will follow suit later this month, then Mercury and Sun in April. This gandanta (gap) is particularly challenging, signifying deep inner change while ushering in insights and support from higher realms.

Saturn begins his six month retrograde motion on March 14th. This is an event of re-visiting our structures, support systems- both internally and externally. The returning process is happening on an emotional body level which will demand our complete attention—especially as Jupiter continues to transit through the heart-centered emotional water sign of Cancer.

The inner work that we commit to at this time will be lasting, deeply rooted change. This will bring transformation on the physical and emotional body levels. Read more about Saturn’s transit through Scorpio and how he is impacting each sign.

Timing is everything.

Make a fresh start and take powerful action steps aligned with Nature. Are you working with her cycles or against them? Use my 2015 Moon Wisdom Calendar to help you align your actions, intentions and goals with the cosmos.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: As Sun dips into Pisces and your 12th house, it marks a month of introspection, a need for turning inward, deeper inquiry and self exploration. Ketu and Mars here intensify this for you, demanding your attention and intention on relationships, loss, letting go and endings. Saturn is asking you to return to these themes as well, to cultivate depth in your emotional body. Creativity and desire surges with Venus in your first house. Attend to your inner work first and foremost even with passions high.

Taurus: With Sun transiting your 12th house now, it’s a good time to be resting and rejuvenating, hitting the re-set button and taking time for yourself. Simultaneously passions are high, sexuality and sensuality are pulsing and relationship desires intensify. Get clear on what you want, while putting your needs first. Career gains will come with some restructuring, especially of the ego. Work with the emotions that surface and use this as an opportunity for deep transformation.

Gemini: Everything about how you offer your self to the world and what you offer is getting restructured. It’s not coming without heat and pressure, but that’s the point. Unless we are backed into a corner and intensity builds, we likely don’t make crucial life changes. You are at one of those life-altering junction points. There’s no turning back and only gains to be had. Be bold and go for gold.

Cancer: With Mercury transiting Aquarius, your 8th house, it’s a perfect time to be meditating and transforming the mental body. Diligently face your fears and address the issues holding your back from shining. As Sun shifts into your 9th house, it’s time to get brave about sharing your self in new ways, bolder ways. Your ego is getting some restructuring in the process and it’s long overdue. It’s time to look courageously at what is truly holding you back. Get the ball rolling now and prepare for exalted Sun in your 10th house of career up next!

Leo: Your ruling planet, Sun, is hiding out in your 8th house right now, conjunct Mars and Ketu. Major restructuring of your sense of self, ego, and abilities are shifting. This is powerful work coming from the inside out, though challenging. Slide into the release, the letting go process and soften the metamorphosis coming from within. Rely on your creativity to be your greatest teacher right now. Let relationships show you the way.

Virgo: You have been working with themes of endings and release for months now. Relationships have been getting re-structured so you can start deepening your inner awareness and building the life you truly want and need. You are still in a healing phase and processing a lot of the changes happening to you right now. This is vital digestion and assimilation. Work with the anger diligently right now. How much fire are you spitting at others? How much of that fire would be put to better use as a creative artistic act? Use the heat to make a diamond.

Libra: The heat is on in your 6th house of healing. You’re getting a chance right now to shift and heal some of your relationships should you take on the challenge. Your willingness to surrender to the healing process will help you stay out of the fire pit and lessen any burns. Letting go, releasing and removing the old, outworn and unhealthy parts of yourself are vital. Let go and release others who are no longer serving or nourishing your path. As Saturn retrogrades through your 2nd house, the theme of getting the nourishment you need will intensify. Work with receiving.

Scorpio: Your sense of power (personal and otherwise) is being tested, dismantled and restructured. How you give and receive nourishment and finding ways to heal past relationship challenges, is part of this power dynamic. You are learning a lot about your heart, emotional body and feelings right now. Continue to courageously address your inner wounding and what keeps you from your wholeness, connection, creativity and resiliency. Simultaneously, use your immense creativity as the healing balm.

Sagittarius: The emotional body and home environment are giving you heart burn. You are processing old losses, grief and letting go right now. Lick your wounds and tend to the heat that is building. Treat this fire tenderly as it is your life light. You may only feel the darkness and shadow of it now, but when you are ready, the cracks forming in your being will slowly give way to increased light and awareness. When you are walking through fire, remember to just keep walking.

Capricorn: Power, momentum and creativity are high right now. Your hands and feet are alive with the creation process and wish to share, offer and connect. Though Rahu is marana in your 9th house, pushing you to face your shadows around the masculine, the father and gurus, you are learning a lot about yourself in the process. The critic is an important part of your inner exploration right now. Your inner critic is keeping you from your deepest nourishment. It’s time to befriend this part of yourself, or at the least, invite it to tea!

Aquarius: Re-tracing your steps will be a helpful way for you to find new resources for your life offerings. What have you missed previously? What have you cast aside as insignificant or unworthy? Use both challenges and weaknesses as resource materials. The truth is, there is a lot of creativity flowing through you right now. Capture the imagination and shape these ideas into tangible form, into products, clear offerings, that you can share with others. There is new nourishment to be had if you re-structure how you receive it.

Pisces: Yet another intense wave of endings, release and loss are moving through you. Getting cracked wide open is never fun, nor enjoyable. However, the results are usually worth the effort in the long run. Where we are cracked and broken open is where the light can come in. Ketu continues to work his magic on your re-structuring process, from the head down to your toes. Let your feet be your guide right now and use them to sense your connection, your source, your grounding.


Saraswati JSaraswati J. is a Jyotish Coach and Consultant, bridging ancient Jyotish wisdom with Embodiment and Expressive Art Therapy resources. Her Jyotish work is especially well suited to the extra sensitive artists, mystics and healers—and those who need insights for their dharmic path and personal transformation process. Check out her website and find her on Facebook. You can join her newsletter for special astrological insights or register for her weekly Jyotish Basics classes for an extra dose of healing wisdom. Additionally, she creates unique adornments with the urban goddess in mind. Check out her jewelry at Swati Jr* Jewelry and also on Facebook.


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