We Meet Andrea Miller of Lion's Roar and Children's Book Author and Rima Fujita, Artist and Illustrator

As a mom, she knew she needed to keep this story simple and clear—something that would be easily understood by very young children—complete with colorful images.

Andrea Miller wanted to share the story of the Buddha with children.

As a mom, she knew she needed to keep this story simple and clear—something that would be easily understood by very young children—complete with colorful images. She contacted Rima Fujita, illustrator and artist, who works through inspiration she gets through images in dreams, to be the illustrator of this book.

We talked with Andrea and Rima about the process, the importance of introducing these concepts to children at a very young age, and how their own spiritual lives have unfolded so far. Andrea explains about the amazing opportunity to travel to where the Buddha had lived and slept and walked and talked, along with the experience of meeting Thich Nhat Hanh.

Rima talks about how her dreams have effected her life and her journey as an artist. She has created seven children’s books so far, written in English, Tibetan and Japanese. She feels the purpose of her life and art all began from the moment these dreams started.

Recently she was requested to write and illustrate a book about the life of the Dalai Lama by his holiness himself!

We hope you will sit back and enjoy our conversation with these two amazing women!


You can purchase the book here.



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