I still have a schedule and I still use a calendar, but the softness that I need encourages me to leave room for expansion—to not fill in every line and box myself in.


By Lisa Meade

I thrive when things in my life are softer.

I need room to stretch. I need to not have too many hard edges around me, but instead some fluidity and elbow room. It is not always easy to find this softness. Some people need more structure and rigidity. But I thrive in the flow of this energy, not its confines.

I long ago learned that I am not in control of very much in life. That false pretense left some scars on my timeline of life and I quickly learned that I was much healthier—body, mind and soul—by releasing that lie I had told myself. And when I did this, I softened a bit more.

Something quite wonderful also happened in this letting go of control.

The things I wanted in life came, in their own time and their own way, and I was always ready to receive! I was not walking through life with deadlines and disappointment. In the softness I had flung the doors open to possibility and removed the boxes of must’s, should’s and have to’s.

In softness I also found that I lowered my defenses.

These barriers fell away and people and situations came forward in ways I truly needed. My softer approach to life allowed perspectives to be considered and I lost tunnel vision of my headstrong approach. I became more open minded. I allowed other options to be considered and my life became fuller for it.

Softening my expectations, my views, my structure also created far more creativity in my day. It allowed time for play. It embraced new relationships. In the softness I found I am far more receptive because it has allowed me to remove barriers and obstacles. It fosters an energetic vibration that flows so much more smoothly. In the softness, there is less right and wrong; more choices. In the softness there is no room for the harshness of criticism or judgment.

I still have a schedule and I still use a calendar, but the softness that I need encourages me to leave room for expansion—to not fill in every line and box myself in. And because of this there always seems to be room for a change in plans, for an unexpected opportunity, and for more. I seem to be able to get much more done because of it. And I get to do more of what I like and want to do and less of what I don’t. The balance that the softness brings to my life is a quality I won’t let go of.

The softness allows my heart space to be full and receptive.

It creates a vibration of compassion and encouragement. It welcomes warmly and does not shut down dreams or potential. Softness creates a circle of light that radiates outward and inward and keeps me in a connection to my self and to those around me that is healthy and light, not toxic and dark.

Not everyone likes the softness I seek and bring into my day. Some bristle over it. Some are intimidated by it while others find it overwhelming. Some just don’t understand it. But it works for me. There is enough harshness in life.

To bring in a bit of softness and all the many ways it benefits me is the perfect soul medicine.


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Lisa Meade

Lisa Meade is a visionary and ritualist. She brings her skills and insight to her shamanic and spiritual offerings. Having received her PhD in Natural Health along with her shamanic training and her practice as a devout Vegan, Lisa brings a very holistic perspective to her community and practice. She is an avid writer and her Spirit Blog is enjoyed and shared by many. Her inspiration comes form her relationships with nature, with Source and her soul mentoring with her clients across the globe. She also is a Body Image Coach and has helped many women find a healthy relationship with their bodies. She welcomes you to visit her on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. To learn more about what Lisa is up to visit her website, WomenWithInsight.

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