By Lisa Meade


Have you ever awoken and burrowed under your covers only to be summoned forth by the sweet melodies of the birds outside your window?

Have you ever opened that window and felt the gentle stirrings of the breeze through your hair and were tickled with delight? Have you ever followed that breeze to the fragrance of the flowers within it out to the garden below? Oh, how our body and soul responds to the touch of nature.

The innate wisdom of our being knows that there is tremendous healing to be found in the embrace of nature. She beckons us to join Her—to break away from the chaos and routine of our day and step into Her timelessness.

She wants for us to breathe deeply. She encourages us to ground ourselves as we walk barefoot in the dewy grass. She places before us sights, sounds, sensations and smells to remind us of our universal connectedness. All this helps us to release what we have been lugging about day in and day along our path, that no longer serves us or can be put aside during this time of gentle healing.

It is here that we nourish our soul.

It is here where we remember who we are. It is here that we find our rhythm again. It is here that we connect with the energies of all and find our inner light longs to shine brightly and our soul delights in the beauty that surrounds us.

I am fortunate enough to live in the mountains of Colorado, but it was not always so. My call of the wild would often take me out onto my lawn in suburbia or to a trail and hike within a local park. Nature would always find me. She would still take delight on my presence and share with me her furry creatures and winged beauties. The blessings were as abundant there as they are deep within the forest or among the flowing grasses of the meadows of my home.

I once had a friend who lived in New York City and she would make it a point to each day to touch a tree trunk or admire a pigeon or even just gaze up at the clouds in the sky above. She never let the cement that surrounded her stop her from her daily connection with nature.

We instinctively know that the call of nature is meant to be answered.

We know how good it is for us and how powerful its healing is.

The next time you hear it, step forward and answer with great joy and awaken the beauty of you that is waiting.


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Editor: Dana Gornall



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