By Lisa Meade


Your soul thrives in connections.

Think about the last time you were with a group of people who inspired you, challenged you and supported your expansion and growth. How brightly was your soul shining? Remember the last time you had your breath taken away by the beauty of nature. How full was your soul? Think back to a time when you felt love, deep compassion—the grab-a-hold-of-your-heart love that flowed through your veins and filled your heart. Remember how present your soul was?

This is how you experience your soul in our life. It steps up when you are plugged in and fully present. Each of those situations I shared above would have you fully aware, very present and awake. Your soul would be as well!

It loves connection because you then bring your attention to your words, your actions and your dreams. You are invested. You are ready to grow. You are willing to release. You are fully in your truth and open to the possibilities of life.

There is little room for ego when soul is present.

The essence of you becomes filled with love, peace, grace, truth, wonder and more. The soul soaks up these energies. It uses these vibrations to propel us onto the next rung of the ladder, the next dream to manifest, and the next moment to embrace. You become more and more of who you are!

Knowing this about your soul allows you to take a step back and assess your life. Are you taking good measures to feed your soul? Are you in good company? Are you doing things that you are passionate about? Are you creating space to pause and reflect? Honoring your soul takes commitment and conscious awareness. It requires you to show up and be present. It means you keep your eye open for the beauty in life.

How will you nurture your soul today? What will you plug it into?


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