santa yoga
By Melody Lima


The sparkly shine of tinsel doesn’t bring out the merriment in all yogis.

As the holiday season becomes more hectic, tensions rise with last minute details to make everything perfect and lines are endless everywhere, it is the perfect opportunity to sit and be still to embrace the season.

Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to
experience the truth of who you are.
~Erich Schiffmann

Author of Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness, Erich Schiffmann offers a way to inner listening not only on the mat during practice time but all day long.

I fully accept this approach to practice, especially during a hectic holiday season. With expectations, traveling and lots of visiting on the calendar, a calm quiet practice at your fingertips can make the season more peaceful.

Who said holidays are supposed be busy, stressful and perfect? When did the holidays become a competition blissful joy?

Some folks do not like to send cards, or exchange presents, hang decorations or visit Santa at the mall. Some folks like to celebrate privately, quietly and in their own unique way. A small dinner, prayer or meditation, even a gentle yoga practice can be a fulfilling celebration.

Some folks are sad, alone or working and elaborate social gatherings do not fit, heal or feel fun for them. A simplistic celebration of stillness is a more comfortable choice.

The opportunity to observe these big December holidays in silent reflection and celebrate the stillness of winter is welcoming, especially to yogis who have a similar practices other times of the year.

As the days of celebrating become long and tedious, keep a balance of serenity.

Whether you travel to see friends and family or stay local, embrace a quieter approach to this season and let the silent stillness nourish your soul.


Photo: virasantasana/dribble

Editor: Dana Gornall