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By Lisa Meade


We all acquire a unique tool box as we move through life.

The experiences we face ensure that we get creative, that we learn by trial and error and that we sometimes find success, accomplishment and progress. It is during these times that we discover new tools and learn how to use them.

Whether it be visualizing, journaling, journeying, rituals, prayer, music, art, meditating, or any other act that calls to us, our soul guides us to tools that will benefit our life’s work and progress. The more regularly we use our soul’s tools the more we grow accustomed to them and learn to rely upon them for our work.

With the skills we gain in our days and the soul tools we gather we face our challenges with more agility, stronger intention and vibrant insight. Our soul tools can become an important aspect of how we move through life. The Universe responds to our attempts and brings to us what we need next.

Our energies are engaged.

At different times in our lives we may find that we rely on certain tools, certain acts and activities. They become tried and true to our passage in life and we learn from the use of them. One important thing about tools is that we need to care for them, tend to them and know how they can be used to serve us in their best way. Expand your knowledge of your favorite tools by bringing new energies to them. If meditation is a favorite tool, perhaps go on a retreat. If art is, then maybe take a class in a new method. Keep your tools fresh and vibrant.

In order for us to be our most authentic powerful and wisest self, we need to learn what our soul tool box holds. We need to become skilled at the use of these tools; knowing how and when to turn to them.

Unless we put them to use, they cannot serve us.

Sounds pretty obvious, yet often people fall into patterns that do not serve them well. Reminding ourselves that there are options to the way we make decisions, that we have choices about the tools we can use to best fit the situation that we are facing and that we can learn to rely on these tools to help us grow and expand toward our soul’s calling.


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Lisa Meade

Lisa Meade is a visionary and ritualist. She brings her skills and insight to her shamanic and spiritual offerings. Having received her PhD in Natural Health along with her shamanic training and her practice as a devout Vegan, Lisa brings a very holistic perspective to her community and practice. She is an avid writer and her Spirit Blog is enjoyed and shared by many. Her inspiration comes form her relationships with nature, with Source and her soul mentoring with her clients across the globe. She also is a Body Image Coach and has helped many women find a healthy relationship with their bodies. She welcomes you to visit her on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. To learn more about what Lisa is up to visit her website, WomenWithInsight.

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