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By Melody Lima


It is a quiet, peaceful, reflective time.

For me, it is my favorite time of year: the sweet spot between Halloween and the December holiday frenzy. It is gratitude time.

When we look at Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Yama—Aparigraha—is the non-attachment or freedom from obligation, to receive with gratitude.

Before we start making lists of gifts, things we want, stuff we want to get, practicing gratitude gives us a different perspective. It is simple, answer the question: What are you grateful for today? You can write in a journal, doodle on poster board, scribble on scrap paper that you put in a jar or chant mantras everyday on the yoga mat.

I came to this practice several years ago. My life was extremely full with family details and work responsibilities. I found my monkey mind overwhelmed with blame toward others for not helping me manage my busy life. I yearned for a less stressed out hard-working, providing husband. I craved a quieter and more even tempered four year old child to raise. I felt denied a lucrative and successful career.

It is safe to say, I was a bit cranky and not that fun to be around.

I read an article about non-attachment, non-hoarding and gratitude for what you possess without wanting more things. In Sanskrit, this is known as Aparigraha. I gave it a whirl and found my life was filled with abundance, blessings and so much greatness.

As I counted my blessings, I began to see how I could share my abundance with my students, my community and my family.

Whether you practice gratitude in a journal, with a drawing or on scrap paper you place in a jar; may you find many blessings during this season of Thanksgiving.



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Editor: Dana Gornall


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