By Melody Lima

As we slide out of September and into October, embracing all the vibrant beauty of the season, there is an abundance of inspiration everywhere.

The colors, the bounty of food the earths yields to us, the sensation of our breath moving within our bodies, the feel of the cooler temperature guiding our asana practice and the people who live extraordinary lives in an authentic ordinary manner.

These inspiring people have a variety of names like mentors, gurus, teachers and community leaders.

Recently I unrolled my mat for a morning practice in my community. Simultaneously around the corner from the studio, an extraordinary man was being celebrated and honored. He raised a family in our community, served our country, achieved success in his professional life, shared his wisdom with young people and stayed humble and gracious for 90 years.

I could feel the love and sadness of those attending the formal services of celebration.

As we moved through our practice, I remembered the ordinary people in my life who guiding me along the path; my yoga teachers, my grandparents, friends and colleagues, my four sisters and my daughter. I remember how they each inspired me, taught me life’s lessons, wiped my tears and help me to see myself.

As my breath flowed and my tensions unraveled on my yoga mat, I kept repeating the words of this man:

It ain’t over till it’s over.

With gratitude, I reached my arms over my head and I stepped into a balancing pose. As I exhaled, I twisted with trepidation and focused with earnest. As I unwound the postures and surrendered into relaxation, I celebrated an opportunity to practice with a teacher, at a studio, in a community that celebrates humanity and creativity.

After class with my yoga mat under my arm, I stepped on the sidewalk into the crisp autumn air. With contentment and I whispered a quiet, thank you, to a man who showed this yogi and the world, that ordinary can be inspiring.

His name is Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra.


Photo: MLB/Variety

Editor: Dana Gornall