woman and stars
By Lisa Meade

The Universe is always reaching out to connect with me.

I have learned to bring my awareness to this most important conversation that is often ignored by some. It is often expressed in subtleties and symbols. Guidance can come through signs. Encouragement often manifests through synchronicity. Beauty and inspiration shared in the silence found in nature.

The Universe does not always send out its conversation starters with loud booms or flashing neon lights, though it can!

Sometimes it is in the whispers of the wind, in the gentle touch of an old friend, in the lines of a poem or an image within a dream. It will continue to try to gain your attention, to share its messages, and to honor your truth.

But as with any conversation, you must be present as well.

Are you listening?

Are you asking questions?

Are you engaged?

In the busy-ness of life sometimes people check out. They are asleep throughout their day. The wonders of the conversation pass by them and they miss it. Or they are so rattled by their own thoughts and the details of their story that they are unaware.

We all have the opportunity to be a part of this universal conversation.

You simply need to find what works for you.

Do you need to slow down?

Do you need to be more present?

Maybe you need to be more silent?

What is distracting you?

Knowing how to be a participant of this conversation will open doors to your soul.

It will bring inspiration to your day. It will invite creativity into your actions. The Universe will bring supportive energies to your lessons and you will find a flow to the steps you take.

Being present to this conversation allows your receptivity to serve you. Things fall into alignment. Your heart opens.

Your mind find peaceful thoughts.

Your body resonates.

And your soul sings!


Photo: magiccoolrealism/tumblr

Editor: Sherrin Fitzer



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