Be your own hero


By Lisa Meade


The shaman knows everyone has a story.

But if we stay stuck in that story we may find we lose our personal power; we may stay small, feel trapped and miss the possibilities life has in store for us. If we can learn to be our own master story teller, then we can shift the focus, find a new momentum or even put things on hold if necessary.

Our story holds our relationships with others and our personal energies. It holds our celebrations and our disappointments. We take on roles and labels in our stories and for some of us we allow this story to define us for life. But we always have a choice.

We are more than our ego, more than our emotions and thoughts and more than our bodies. What does this mean? It means just because we were once victimized, we do not need to be a victim. It means that if we once felt ugly that doesn’t mean we are not beautiful. It means that if we have struggled and failed that doesn’t mean we are not successful.

Taking the time to reflect on our life story allows us to see where we have become stuck. Sometimes it goes all the way back to our childhood. Sometimes it was created in a certain relationship.

Often a major life event will create the energy of our story. Once we can find the thread of where it began, we can trace it through the storyline and see how it impacted our choices. We can learn so much by this process. And once we have a better understanding of the hows and whys, we can bring compassion, forgiveness, understanding or gentleness to the unfolding of the future story of our life.

When we take back the ownership of our story it gives us the opportunity to heal, to release what does not serve us and to step into a new energy that we can create and nurture for our highest good.

We can choose to change the meaning of the actions of those around us. We can choose where we will place our focus. We can choose how much time and energy we will spend on certain life events.

We can learn how to choose a life story that supports us and leads us to our soul’s calling—to our sweetest dreams and to our fullest potential. We can choose energies of creativity and compassion. We can let go of doubt and frustration.

Learning to stay present hugely impacts our story. The more we find our self reliving the past story or fretting about tomorrow’s chapter, the less and less present we are. Whenever we are absent from the current moment, we are in some way checked out. We then may miss the beautiful possibilities that were created for us.

Relationships may not grow the way they were designed to. The miracles of life may be missed.

That does not mean we will not have another chance. But why create the need to miss what has been designed for us because we were not present? This is very different than missing something because we are not ready for it.

Life lessons are very special gifts of a different sort.

Choosing to be our story’s author brings power into our life, affords us freedom in choice and the time to check in with our soul and heart and listen to the developing concepts of our personal masterpiece. Why would we let someone else take on that role?

Why would we let labels and circumstance keep our story small?


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Editor: Dana Gornall



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