By Emily George


I enjoy the freedom to love who and how I choose.
I revel in the loves that last an hour, a week or months.
I delight in letting love set its own course,
following its twists and turns.
I relish in the tender moments with someone I have just met,
staring into each other’s eyes and deep discussions.
I have fallen in love with the connections and excitement.
Yet, when I am alone,
outside, watching the lightning spin crooked spirals
and jagged lines across the sky,
I can see your eyes.
I listen as the sky drums out its deepest beats.
I feel the rhythm of your heart.
I close my eyes,
And feel the cold drops of rain find their way down my body.
I imagine it is your fingertips.
The clouds dance as the wind swirls around and away from me.
I feel our love.
Our love will be a dancing, twirling thing,
but it won’t need to be chased.
It will just be.
It will sweep us up
and encourage us to get lost in it.
With you I will find a new kind of freedom.

Emily GeorgeEmily George is a teacher and writer learning to embrace her past as part of her identity.

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Editor: Dana Gornall



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