Here Comes the Sun


By Melody Lima


The second you hear the title, Here Comes The Sun, you hear George Harrison’s voice in your head:  “Here comes the sun, do do do do….”

You remember the first time you heard the song, a time when you listened to it non-stop and most importantly, you are reminded that when the sun rises it is a slow, lovely, process of wonder, anticipation, hope and faith.

Leza Lowitz’s, Here Comes The Sun—A Journey to Adoption in 8 Chakras, is a yoga book. It tells the story of an adventurous journey, of opposites who patiently follow their path of love until the sun comes to them.

Ms. Lowitz guides the reader, like a well sequenced vinyasa class, from the first chakra at the tailbone to (eighth chakra) beyond the crown of the head on her quest for family. The experience is tranquil and subtle, not like watching the numbers light up in an elevator floor by floor.

Here Comes The Sun—A Journey to Adoption in 8 Chakras  progresses like a travel journal of the author’s personal journey, with ups and downs, successes and set-backs, frustrations and peace as an offering like a ceremonious prepared cup of tea.

What this book is not is a teacher training book or a how-to guide to poses, history, philosophy or pranayama. Here Comes The Sun—A Journey to Adoption in 8 Chakras peels away another layer with every chapter or chakra. Your breath flows from San Francisco, CA to Japan gathering wisdom with every obstacle. Ms. Lowitz opens herself up with raw, authentic truth shooting the reader into a compassionate heart.

Leza Lowitz is an American writer and yoga teacher who lives in Japan with her husband and son. She has written, edited or co-translated several books including Yoga Poems Lines to Unfold By.  A book this writer reads to her yoga students.


Melody LimaMelody Lima, is a creative adventurer, who will tell her story somehow in some way. The narrative is filled with movement (yoga teacher), words (writer), color (artist), texture (parenthood) and other experiences of discovery. Sharing her observations on & off the yoga mat, she attempts to keep things mindful and not too cynical. She loves peaceful debate and good scotch. Visit her blog, or find her on Facebook or Twitter.


Photo: Provided by book publisher

Editor: Dana Gornall