By Ty Phillips

Writing by numbers.

Five ways to do this, 10 ways to achieve that, seven steps for… I can’t stand it. So when I received Derek Rydall’s book, Emergence; Seven Steps for Radical Life Change, I rolled my eyes and tossed it on the counter, unsure if I would read it or not.

After a few false starts, I decided to give it a fair shake and to my surprise, I loved it.

Derek’s book was well written; his story craft and word usage pulled me in. His ability to take serious topics and make them lighthearted and enjoyable kept me reading and his insightful and compassionate way to reaching out, had me thinking, laughing, and nodding in agreement on more than a few occasions.

Much like Derek, I was transformed by a near death experience and felt a kinship with not only his approach to writing, but his desire to offer something of lasting value in order to change lives for the better.

His common sense approach of being open, mindful and determined with the direction and goals we set for ourselves, seemed more in tune with emotional counselors than with directing business and this, I think, is the key to his remarkable success in this book.

Derek shares an approach that can be useful in any endeavor, whether we want to write a blog, start a project, or create a company. He is insightful, warm, and humorous and for this alone, the book is worth the read; add the knowledge he shares with the pages of Emergence, and you are doubly rewarded.

I am certain that I will be re-reading this text.


Photo: Beyond Words

Editor: Dana Gornall