Category: Holly is Not Broken, She is Breaking Through

Turn, Turn, Turn: The Plight of the Essential Worker at the Turn of the Pandemic

We were pioneers doing street outreach during a pandemic that changed our world for literal years and yet we kept working. It was like walking uphill in wet cement each day, but we kept sailing in uncharted waters. We blazed trails. We created new standards. We gained an education none of us wanted.

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The Auspicious Two Dollar Bill: A Survivor Story

The auspicious symbol of the lotus flower is a sign of overcoming trials and challenges. In the murky, muddy waters this lovely blossom arises, as if out of nowhere, and reminds the world that beauty does not have to be overcome by ugliness. The two dollar bills I was slowly collecting reminded me that I did not need to feel defeated. I looked at my two dollar bills as my own auspicious symbol of overcoming.

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