By Gretchen Spletzer


I was thinking yesterday about all that we endure because of the ability to feel so deeply.

We not only experience the vast spectrum of feelings but all the way to the outer extremes—and a few of us even have the ability to feel what others feel. The pain and agonies, the fierce red fires of rage, the deepest caves of sadness, despair, even wanting to get the hell out of here at times, you know what I mean. We have all called it a curse more than once, but on the other side of all that, when we feel so deeply, it is because we love so deeply and see so much.

Our excitement is so high that we actually feel like our hearts grow wings, our bodies levitate, or we may simply combust into a human rainbow.

Happiness and joy come so easily to us, and it’s the little things that seem the most extraordinary. The greatest gift of this curse is that we get to fall in love so much more than the average person.

I don’t know about you, but I fall in love all the time.

I fell in love the other day with a piece of handcrafted chocolate and a cup of coffee, the praises and sounds coming from within me, and the time I took to savor and enjoy, surely was just another kind of lovemaking. It was the most divine and intimate thing, and I was completely involved with the combination.

I fall in love with my little dog all the time. Sometimes I can’t get over the precious little being that she is, and that I am sharing a life with such sweetness, tenderness and unconditional love.

I can even fall in love with people without their even knowing it. I just fall in love with them exactly as they are, recognizing a being so beautiful, so exquisitely unique, that their existence creates such a deep sense of awe and this delights or teaches me, and once again I am smitten with love and gratitude.

The same goes for flowers, as well. I fall in love with the sheer mystery of their colorful emergence, the innocent show of beauty, and even the fragrance that arises from such perfection to reach into me even more deeply. Add to that the fact that they are everywhere—a gift so abundant that they go unseen and unappreciated by many.

I will gladly take the curse of feeling deeply, and any pain that comes with it, in equal proportion to the ability to feel joy, to fall in love everyday with the universe that breathes and gives to me. I get to see and feel the truth, and I get to be the one to love the truth in a world that hardly knows love and truth at all! How special is that?

So, my fellow deep feelers, go forth and love deeply.

Don’t hold back from falling in love with all the little things and the big wonders alike. Let the truth of your own depths be special and embrace your gift wholeheartedly. You were made to love life more deeply than anyone else can, you can see what others can’t, you can go and do and love where others can’t. You are life’s own sacred special lover, and were designed to love just the way you do.

So, honor your preciousness, be a true and faithful lover to life, and love everything she gives you through all of your senses.

Deeply fall in love everyday!




This article was originally published on Rebelle Society.


Gretchen SpletzerGretchen Spletzer is a healing portal, an empath, a deathie, a writer, and sojourning introvert, who loves to connect where it matters. She is a proponent of taking 100 percent responsibility for one’s earthly experience, and looking deeply at what prevents that from happening. Her work is to point to the greater truths in life, and to help others realize their own greatness. Gretchen cultivates a lifelong interest in the afterlife and nature of consciousness within humans and animals alike. She befriends animals wherever she is, volunteering at wildlife refuges, street dog shelters, and at home is an organizing member of March For Elephants in San Francisco. You can connect with her on Facebook.


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