By Lisa Meade

We all play different roles throughout our lives.

There are the givers and the takers, the movers and the shakers. Regardless of the role, the energy we bring to it, the way we approach it has so much to do with how engaged, receptive or present we are. We have the choice to be fully present or to be absent and resentful.

We all hold times where we are doing for others and then those times are balanced with others doing for us; both are equally important—neither should be done begrudgingly. Bringing our pure authentic energies to these roles creates beauty and flow. Each role can create acts that are gifts to the relationship.

Whether we are in a place of nurturing or witnessing, it is important for us to bring appreciation to the moment, to bring our gratitude to those we are engaged with, and to explore the possibilities of the outcome and all its potential.

Approaching our roles with this positive perspective allows lessons to flow, energies to expand and generates forward movement of beauty and grace.

This fullness of energy awakens a sense of integrity and a satisfaction of service. It also brings alignment to our body, mind and soul. With this alignment we put out the welcome mat to those who we are meant to meet, to attract and to dance this magical dance of life with—the people who and circumstances that bring richness and wonder become a part of our day. By bringing our best to every role we hold, we make ourselves open to create possibilities, to shower abundance and to gift us with lessons that will amplify the brilliance of this lifetime in very powerful ways.

The soul calls out to the best of us. Often it is best for us to be quiet, to seek the lesson, or to witness and hold sacred space. Our best can be sharing a smile with someone. It can be walking away and disengaging from an argument. It can be so many things. Don’t feel you have to be all for everyone in order to be your best.

Being present and in heart space is the best for your soul. It opens the many possibilities for all. It engages with the energies that surround you with ease and grace. It makes room for you to Be.

Whether we are giving or receiving, being or witnessing, bring to your role an open heart.

Engage with love and integrity. Share light and compassion. Receive with grace and gratitude. Allow the gentle flow of your soul to weave its way through the moment and open closed doors, breathe life into the stagnant air and shine where there is darkness.


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Editor: Alicia Wozniak



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