By Lisa Meade


I have long done a simple act that keeps me connected on a very conscious level with the energies of those around me.

In a recent conversation with a client I was reminded that many do not have this inter-connectedness in their lives. It has not been modeled for them. They don’t realize it is not an overly complicated act, but instead its very beauty and power expands from its simplicity.

Each day I spend a few moments recognizing both in my heart and mind those that I am connected to daily, face to face. I picture in my mind’s eye family and friends, pets and local animals that visit my life—all those who cross my path regularly.

Then I picture those who I have in my life daily that I do not see face to face, but certainly interact with regularly. All my friends on social media, relatives and friends that live at a distance, teachers and mentors, students and clients. To this I then recall those who I interact with that no longer live in this realm. I often will converse in my heart and soul with loved ones who have crossed over, to my spirit guides and angels, my guardians and soul friends.

From here I go to all those who I do not personally know, but certainly am connected to. I recall the farmers who have grown the food I honor my body with, the artisans who have created treasures in my home that I cherish, the authors of books that I love, and the potter who crafted the tea cup I drink from daily—each connection adding energies and gifts to my life.

From here I extend my connections even further.

Out to the beautiful sun that shines upon the plants that produce my food, the rain, the wind, the rich soil. I connect to the energies of the Universe that cradles this wondrous Earth and so on. Layer upon layer of simple gratitude. Layer upon layer of love flowing from my heart. Layer upon layer of simple energies of awareness and appreciation. Each moment is its own precious gift.

In a mere few minutes each day this simple act of weaving my thoughts and energies together with the energies and offerings of all the touches my life brings a tremendous acknowledgement of the inter-connectedness my life has with others. As I breathe this in a beautiful flow of gratitude envelopes me. My heart expands with a love of life and others.

My soul sings in the rich resource of all this beauty, vibrancy and wonder.

It takes a mere few minutes, a cup of tea, a stroll around the yard, or a few moments standing at the stove stirring the pot of soup I am preparing for dinner. I send out with each breath, gratitude. I breathe in all the vibrations of connection that are present.

Prayers of well being form in my mind and travel through my soul. And in this gentleness I find simple abundance.

For within this simple act so much greatness is found!


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