By Melody Lima


In the Hindu religion, Navaratri is a nine night celebration of the Mother Goddess, Durga.

She represents ferociousness, peace, demons and compassion, according to Hindu belief. Durga famously destroyed the demon Mahishasura after a battle that lasted nine nights, symbolizing good over evil inspiring this grand festival.

For 10 days and nine nights, in places like India, there will be prayers, chants, fasting and celebrating with traditional dance and music. It is also a time of planting seeds and asking for blessings of abundance from Durga. It is a time of introspection and purification.

Representing purity or power, known as Shakti energy, Durga can be celebrated during Navaratri these next several days and nights with these practices.

Wear lots of colors: During Navaratri, a different color is worn on each day. Add some red, royal blue, yellow or green to your yoga outfit. Brighten your day with a little orange, while, pink or sky blue, saving the black for America’s Halloween.

Plant some seeds: If you love spring flowers, this is great time of year to plant spring blooming bulbs. Digging in the dirt and feeling part of nature is a great form of mediation.

Do you have a project idea floating around in your head? I always do, grab some paper and pen and write it down. There is no time like the present to take a first step toward a new adventure.

Worship thy Goddess: You may light candles or place flowers at the foot of your statue of Durga or other Goddesses, Kali, Lakshmi or Saraswati, also celebrated during Navaratri. Please celebrate the other Mother Goddess in your life; your daughter, sister, friend, cousin, wife or mom, call your mother or send her some flowers.

Purge the Old: Whether it is a bad habit, an overstuffed closet, an unhealthy food or a stale relationship, tapping into your power to purge impurities is a perfect practice to honor Durga.

Do a little Dance: During a nine night festival that can last some nights until sunrise, someone is dancing. Put the volume up as you move to the music and celebrate the goddess in you.

As celebrations of Durga, the Mother Goddess, commence during Navaratri around the world, embrace and honor those dual traits in your lives on and off the yoga mat.



*Navaratri dates 2015: October 13 – October 21


Photo: wikipedia

Editor: Dana Gornall