By Lisa Meade


Breaking News: Seeking happiness does not mean you are being selfish!

You have a right to be happy. You deserve to be happy and the universe responds to this happiness.

When we are happy there is a tremendous shift in our energies. We are vibrant. We are more alive and alert. We take on challenges with optimism. We are more flexible and we seek possibilities. When we are happy we relate to others differently. Happiness creates happiness—it is as though it is contagious.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? If we are in a state of happiness we then bring our vitality into the world. Our service to others is affected. We are more loving and generous and we bring our best selves to the moment. Life is very different when we are happy than when we are not.

So knowing this, it obviously is important to then know what makes us happy. Joseph Campbell is quoted as saying, “Follow your bliss.” What is your bliss? Do you even know? I have found that for some this is a difficult question to answer. They are quick to answer what makes them unhappy. But what brings you joy: what activities, what people or what beliefs?

How can you live your joy?

There are many people who do not know what their bliss is or how to call it into their lives. Sometimes they turn to others to bring them this joy, or they expect life accomplishments to do so. Unfortunately what happens is they will soon become disappointed. Why?

Because people and life are not meant to complete you.

You complete you by becoming more and more of your whole self. And a big part of that is in finding what brings you joy, what fills your soul and what makes your heart shine and dance. When we follow our bliss we bring into our lives things that make us naturally grow and evolve. We seek things that inspire us.

Happiness impacts our spiritual growth as our soul shines brightly and we learn to trust our intuition and seek our truth. Happiness encourages us to care for our body and its needs so that we are healthy and empowered. Joy has the strength to bring positive thinking into our minds and quells the negative stories and self-talk.

Take on the challenge today and find something that brings you happiness. Explore it, be with it and celebrate it. Pay attention to the impact it has on you; body, mind and soul.

Your day will be brighter for it.


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