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Adventures of Turning 50.

  By Kim Haas I recently turned 50. When I turned 40, my husband and I went on a cruise to Jamaica with two other couples. My kids were 11 and eight, we had moved across the country, and I was helping my sister deal with the death of her young husband—I was being pulled in many directions. The idea of getting away from it all was very appealing. Getting away from it all in the middle of the ocean with lots of food and drinks and people was even more appealing. Turning 50 though, that wasn’t the case. Instead of being pulled in...

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How to Raise a Girl with a Voice, Not a Nice Girl.

    By Kim Haas I grew up without a voice. It wasn’t just me raised this way, but many—if not most—women of my generation. See, we were groomed to be nice girls. Nice girls don’t talk back, especially to their parents. Nice girls don’t question authority whether that’s a parent, relative, neighbor or teacher—basically any adult we may come in contact with. Nice girls just smile when an uncle tells her not to wear such baggy dresses and that she needs to show off her cute figure. Nice girls say yes when they want to scream no. Nice girls don’t question the...

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