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Mindful Appreciation of Wild Beauty

I’m not saying I can’t appreciate a well-manicured lawn. It looks great when someone with a huge yard mows it in patterns, and thick green grass looks beautiful.

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This Does not Equal That: There is No Quick Fix

Expecting someone or something to fix us is a powerful illusion. A cheap drug that promises to make everything all better but almost inevitably leads to deeper pain and suffering—not because the thing or person is bad but because it’s our views and expectations that really need the work, and we just don’t see it.

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We Meet Boyan: Mindfulness Teacher

We discuss meditation, neurolinguistic programming and how it can help us achieve the goals we wish toward and physical forms of meditation like yoga, Tai Chi and boxing.

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Floating in Meditation: My Experience in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Now the idea of floating freely in water scares me. I don’t know how to swim, although I can tread water a bit for a minute or two. If I go overboard into the ocean I’m toast—very soggy toast.

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