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The Ending of Things

So how do we deal with the endings that are hard? How do we accept the endings that are bittersweet or the ones we see are coming?

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Doing God’s Work

When I began attending Kindergarten, I had to leave my dog at home. I wasn’t crazy about this idea and I wailed about it loudly to my mother, who assured me that one day I’d have a job and I wouldn’t be able to take her there either. Immediately I crossed “get a job” off my to-do list.

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Trauma, Grieving and the Root of Suffering

Because a lotus will not thrive in clear water, it needs the mud in order to bloom.

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How Mindfulness Put the “Fun” in Funeral

Yesterday the family of my friend held a celebration of life in her honor. I knew it was approaching. I ran into her son, also my friend, the day before the celebration and he locked eyes with me when he asked “You ARE coming tomorrow, right? I can count on you?” A million thoughts paralyzed my mouth but I saw the look of importance in his eyes and I shook my head “yes”. 

In all honesty I knew I nodded my head in the affirmative but my feet were already moving backwards to decline. I was fully prepared to let that family down. I didn’t like it, but I knew what would happen. 

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