Mindful Appreciation of Wild Beauty

I’m not saying I can’t appreciate a well-manicured lawn. It looks great when someone with a huge yard mows it in patterns, and thick green grass looks beautiful.

Doing God’s Work

When I began attending Kindergarten, I had to leave my dog at home. I wasn’t crazy about this idea and I wailed about it loudly to my mother, who assured me that one day I’d have a job and I wouldn’t be able to take her there either. Immediately I crossed “get a job” off my to-do list.

Zen Buddhism and the Blues

By Henry Blanke   It could be a spoonful of diamonds. It could be a spoonful of gold. I first heard these lyrics as a teenager sung by Eric Clapton with Cream. But when later I heard them sung---no growled---by Chicago bluesman Howlin Wolf it was a whole other...

Recovery is my Religion

Every greeting card, for me, is an opportunity to send a message.

Bending Minds and Dogmatic Slumbers: Psychedelic Buddhism

In short, Yogacaras believed that everything is nothing but consciousness. It’s all happening in our heads (including the experience of having a head).