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Remember to Be Mindful on Vacation

We’ve forgotten how to just be in the world. Vacation needs to be about rest, relaxation, actually enjoying myself instead of rushing everywhere to see this or experience that.

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In The Beginning There Was Hara: Learning How to Breathe

Before I knew anything about Buddhism or Zen, I learned how to breathe from the Hara.

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The Psychedelic Future of American Buddhism

The future of Buddhism here is with the young and many of them are open to psychedelics as an adjunct to meditation or as a distinct psycho-experimental practice.

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Targeted Metta—Aiming Your Loving Kindness

I use Metta phrases as-needed to respond to this negativity, both in my environment and in my own thoughts.

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Metta-Morphosis: Loving-Kindness & Freedom

We can’t be free and want to be free at the same time. For us to truly be free, we even have to accept our binds, free to be bound and unbound. 

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