Jack Huynh  is a first generation immigrant from Vietnam.

Both of his parents are committed Buddhist practitioners and while he grew up around Buddhism, he did not find his own path until his early 20’s.

While pursuing the American dream, he first become a software engineer during the to dot com boom. After the crash in 2001, he pivoted into becoming a photographer and never looked back.

Combining his desire to integrate his professional life with his spiritual values along with his own struggle with finding the dharma, he started a multimedia project highlighting how Buddhism is practiced through the lens of lay practitioners. Through interviews, photography and essays, he hopes that the project can benefits those curious about Buddhism as well established practitioners.

Check out his ongoing project, Beyond the Cushion. We talk to Jack about his project, working on the project during the pandemic, how he finds subjects to interview and more! His portfolio website is here!




Photo: Pixabay


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