What is your favorite meditation blog?


Everywhere you look people are talking about mindfulness.

It’s a new buzzword, and you see the word gracing the cover of Time Magazine, and popping up in seemingly unexpected places. Whether you’re new to meditation or just looking to clear a little rust out of those zazen gears, here are a few resources you may find helpful.

A list of our Top Ten Recommended Meditation Blogs

(plus a few more)


Founded by Andy Puddicome, Headspace has short little videos, cleverly illustrated and clearly explaining how meditation works. It’s a great place to start and a lot less intimidating since it explains the process on clear vocabulary, without the use of Buddhist or Yogi jargon. The guided meditations are soothing and they even have an app one can download onto a phone to take everywhere.


This site encompasses a lot more than meditation. Not only does it have a thorough database of Buddhist organizations that can be downloaded as an app, it has dharma talks, meditation instruction (Insight and Loving-Kindness), and Buddhist studies. Buddhanet is a comprehensive guide to a lot of the basics of Buddhism and more.

New Leaf Meditation Project

This site is a community of meditation teachers that has been around since 2014 giving free meditation instruction. They have an online community of over 50,000 members supporting each other in their practices, as well as live, physical local chapters forming. Check out their site and all it has to offer!


Wildmind is a user-friendly site that offers free meditation instruction in a variety of languages, publishes guided meditations that are downloadable, conducts live classes and has a growing, thriving community. This site has been around since 2001 and houses a wealth of knowledge on meditation as well as Buddhism.


Mindful is an online and physical magazine. As a non-profit, they are dedicated to educating the benefits of mindfulness, including exploring its benefits in the workplace. An easy to use guide, mindful highlights many articles on meditation, mindfulness and approaches it from a secular perspective.


Looking for something to listen to on your daily commute? Dharmaseed has literally thousands of dharma talks that are free and downloadable. Almost every meditation and buddhist teacher imaginable is available on this site! Be sure to check them out.

Zen Habits

Written by Leo Babauta, this clean, simple site offers so much in the way of living, mindfulness, and wisdom. Leo has been writing for years now and had a few books under his belt. This site is easy to navigate and free from ads, pictures and any excess. How much more zen can you get? He has not only written about zen habits, he lives them.

Access to Insight

Looking for a more thorough database of Theravada Buddhism? Access to Insight provides a library of Buddhist teachings, sutras and more. While not meditation focused, it bears mentioning for its large amount of information readily available at anyone’s fingertips with an internet connection.

One Mind Dharma

You can find podcasts and a wealth of well-written information at One Mind Dharma, but if you want the full kit-and-kaboodle (that includes daily guided meditations, classes, etc.), there’s a $9 a month subscription. Even though the site has Dharma in the name, it’s a useful for resource for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

Insight Timer

While actually an app on your phone, don’t let that deter you. Insight Timer is more than just a timer with a gong in it and pretty pictures. Not only are there thousands and thousands of meditations available for free, but meditation instruction and courses you can take for a very small cost. You can listen while you drive to work or before bed. Included are groups upon groups you can join for meditation support. This is definitely a gem and the app is free.

And of course, we would love to highlight our own TTB writer’s blogs!

Brent Purple Oliver has written for Tricycle and The Tattooed Buddha and is a mindfulness coach and speaker. He teaches science-backed mindfulness techniques via Skype and has loads of articles on meditation, book reviews and Buddhism. Plus he is a bartender and can most likely mix you up a mean drink too.

Salty Dharma from John Lee Pendall has not only meditation and mindfulness information, but also loads of information about Buddhism in general. John has practiced many different types of Buddhism over the years and is a walking encyclopedia of Buddhist knowledge. He offers an eclectic view with a little humor thrown in and a lot of funny memes.

Daniel Scharpenburg has been writing for years for so many magazines including, Patheos, Elephant Journal, The Tattooed Buddha and more. He teaches for the Open Heart Project and is involved in his local community as a teacher as well. Check out his blog which is chock full of information!

Buddhism for Tough Guys is Gerald Stribling’s personal blog. Strib has written the book, Buddhism for Dudes, and is also a former marine. Another site that is full of humor and wisdom, the tagline reads: Jarhead wisdom for people who otherwise don’t get the point.

The Same Old Zen is Alex Kakuyo’s blog. Alex has a column here at TTB and is a lay minister in the Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism. A former marine, Alex brings a unique perspective to Buddhism and community advocacy. He is involved in animal rights groups and more.

The Unusual Buddha is full of articles, meditation information, and tons of humor. If you want Buddhism with a twist and a laugh, please check him out!

Help Mama Meditate was created by Jennifer Mazzoni, a speech therapist and meditating mom. Not only does she have a column here at TTB, but her blog has lots of meditation information and awesome tips for the busy person (parent or not) to incorporate meditation regularly into your life.


Do you have a meditation blog you love? Let us know in the comments!



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Editor: Dana Gornall