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By Lisa Meade


For many, the criticism and comments that are said in their minds to themselves would never escape their lips and be spoken of someone else.

The inner critic has a sharp tongue. It cuts one off at the knees, it draws blood, it keeps long hours and it is the ultimate opportunist. If someone spoke to us the way some of us speak to ourselves, we would leave the relationship. And yet, the inner dialogue continues. It does not like to let up and always knows the best time to strike, or perhaps that is the worst time.

The inner critic has the poorest opinion of us and we allow it. We allow the power of our thoughts to create these inner conversations and they influence our personal views of our bodies, our lives, our choices and more. Our souls shrink from its touch, our hearts ache, our minds stir with more negativity and our lives suffer.

We accept mediocrity.

Science has proven that the power of our thoughts truly does create our reality. And words—whether they are spoken or not—are powerful. Self speak can bring out one’s strengths and beauty or it can shrink and disable all possibilities. Just as one can train their thoughts to remember certain dates and facts, we can also train our thoughts to remain positive and present, rather than negative and living in the story we tell ourselves about our shortcomings, failures and losses.

The only way one can interrupt this cycle is to begin with small acts of kindness and self-love. Simple steps taken will eventually lead to major gains made. Start with a simple kind mantra that you can repeat throughout the day, or perhaps a gentle cup of tea and some quiet time to think positive thoughts about yourself.

Keep a gratitude journal or a blessing jar. Make note of what you are grateful for in your life day by day or the blessings that shower upon you. With time your perspective begins to shift and the focus is far less on the negative and more on the positive. Life becomes a bit brighter. Finding beauty becomes easier.

Embracing a bit of self-love is welcomed.

The only way one can find the love of self is by seeking it and welcoming it. There are enough voices and images, messages and lies as well as slogans and opinions that bombard our day that try to detract us from our love of self. We need to be committed to this act of self. It becomes a choice we make each and every day, but a very worthwhile one. With time, this self-love radiates out to those around us. We model it, we share it and we spread it.

Love’s energy is contagious and very effective.

And it is cyclical. The beauty of loving self is that it vibrates out the the world around us and then opens us up to receive more back. What a wondrous and beautiful thing!

All for the love of self.


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Editor: Dana Gornall



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