woman in sunlight


By Dara Reidyr


She is formed, unto her being,
of consciousness in emerald rain;
Taken from misshapen to straight,
crooked views now laid to waste

She is powerful, where tear drops fall,
and shouts of laughter and moonbeams call,
flooding down upon humanity’s goad,
and cease the strife where whence they strode

She roars as a lion, but is meek as a lamb,
stooping to tickle the grasses and sands,
cleansing the clothed tides, that now nakedly glide,
upon glass bottomed seas of azure and sapphire

Awakening all that’s in her path:
the tree, the lily, humanity’s aftermath,
and peacefully walks a lonely land,
to bring forth new minds, and lift each one by the hand


MeFor Dara Reidyr, sometime in the year 2012, a poem spontaneously erupted from within. From that moment forward, poetry had wholly possessed her. She was told by an English Literature professor some 16 years earlier that she should write as a profession, but that did not happen. Little did she know, poetry had been secretly hiding within her heart, waiting for the right moment to present itself to the world—a world in desperate need of poetic insight, guidance and light. A world that is being drowned out by the artificial, resulting in the mental malnourishment seen today. Dara feels there is a disease of illiteracy that must be corrected for society’s sake. Artists have always been the voice of reason in a chaotic world, and that is none truer than it is today. If Dara had to describe her poetry, she would call it Mystical Romanticism. Her themes encompass all of life that moves her to poetic statements. May you find peace and wisdom in these poems, and imagery of words in motion, beyond the sight of ordinary vision. She enjoys solitude, spending time with her husband engrossed in philosophical conversation, and spending time with their two cats. Be sure to check out her blog here.

Photo: meetmeinthesummertime/tumblr

Editor: Dana Gornall



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