By Debbie Lynn


We are in such an odd state of being right now.

With surreal destruction, violence and political mayhem at our feet, it is incredibly hard to process the magnitude of it all. I think it is important to take a reality check, but I have to ask, what is real anymore?

It is high time for some heavy-duty “get our sh*t together now” prayer.

The poison injected onto us feels stretched and pulled. We are being constantly harassed by the insecurity, the negativity and the ignorance of what “normal” is these days. And I don’t want to be numb, yet it is safer that way. I go in and out of my duty to say something, and my lack of interest in spreading more toxicity. Trying to find the middle road is a challenge to say the least. But I don’t want to “say the least.”

I want to scream.

I have a lot of words to spew but none of them are a solution or productive in alleviating (and or) defusing any or all of the above situations. I rant a bit, but it is internal. I do have concerns that holding back what I want to say will somehow manifest into something ugly—so I write.

My dreams are haunted with the fast and furious pace of nasty images and I try to calm the energy that is releasing; but it is difficult. I wake in pools of unconditioned conditions that cause all kinds of alarms to go off in my head and I justify. I see the worry in the faces of my children, my friends and people on the streets just trying to live day to day, but it is wrong and yet I don’t know right, right now.

So we hold vigil as best as we can and say a prayer for the dying. We are all being tested as to how much is too much, fueled by the media and the whirling drama it spins up and out of control. It sickens me—truly hurts my head and body. It is like we are forever stupid and a slave to the violence, yet it sells and sells large quantities, so it persists.

What I do know is hatred only breeds more hatred, yet trying to love an unlovable world is getting harder and harder, and what the hell do we tell the children?

How is it possible to explain that a few tainted souls are responsible for so much sadness, anger and violence? Nothing makes sense, yet the pattern continues to escalate to ridiculous proportions and we cry our for change. But nothing changes. We have a violent history—the same thing over and over, but I don’t think that is an excuse to beholden.

I just want to wrap all the angry souls in my arms and tell them in another place, in another world it doesn’t have to be like this. But it is, and that is futile to spend time wishing people would wake up.

So what to do?

We can march, we can rant, we can talk and talk and talk, but who is listening? We can light candles, join together hands held in prayer and send love out, but who will receive it? We all want to fight the good fight, yet is fighting counter-productive? I don’t know the answer anymore.

What I can tell you is adding fuel to the fire will only make the flames larger and hotter, burning a path of destruction as it goes. Time to put up or shut up and concentrate on viable sane interaction beginning with unity, instead of separation and walls.

This is about a deeper understanding (education) that differences are special and do not equate to hatred. To fully embrace peace we have to embrace logic, presence and the unique, not belittle and condemn what doesn’t fit in someone’s box or text. We have this beautiful life, beautiful world, so many beautiful individuals and it all includes “differences.”

Will it ever change?  I just don’t want to hear one more story of brutality and ignorance that is blasted over and over as if it is sane normal; it isn’t either but the media is making it that way (“You may say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”).

So until we take matters into our own hands—stand up against what is played like a top 40 hit—we will simply become numb to the atrocities.

It is wrong, we must right it.

Spread peace, spread love, don’t let them win with the horrific and have us afraid to live our life. Turn off the noise. Turn on the unification of a society that has had enough. It is up to each one of us and no one else is going to do it for us.



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Editor: Dana Gornall