By Lisa Meade


People step in and out of integrity.

It is not always an easy path to travel. Our emotions, our ego, our pain and our fear can often cause us to misstep. I have found, though, that when I am not in my integrity I feel more strained than the effort it takes to stay in it. Energies—it keeps coming down to that. Have you noticed when you are in a bad mood it is so easy to think negative thoughts about this or that? And if someone does just one thing that is not in line with your intentions, your needs or your way—well, enough said—we know what kind of thoughts you may have about them. You step out of your integrity and think negative and ill intentioned thoughts.

Integrity and energy.

Have you noticed when you do not practice good self care—making sure you are in balance with body, mind and soul—that you begin to cut corners, make exceptions and rationalize your ideas, your excuses and your efforts? You end up wasting a good amount of energy to try to cover up your missteps, your mistakes and your misunderstandings. You lose integrity with yourself and the honoring of your body temple.

Integrity and energy.

Have you notice when you are out of control, filled with angst, worry or fear, the drain it puts on you? You are exhausted by it. It becomes part of a daily struggle. It impacts your relationships and the energies that are a part of them. You find that the bonds that connect become weaker. You lose sight of the integrity that created your relationships, with the best of intentions and heart.

Integrity and energy.

By learning the connection between your integrity and energy, you can begin to pick up on the red flags, the warning signs and the identifiers of imbalance. You are a being of immeasurable energy. Everything you do, think, say and are is a part of this energy. Your energies flow with the intention that you bring to them. If you are bringing negativity, fear, blame, shame, judgment or anger to them the end result will be an energy that mirrors that. This then shadows over your integrity. So if you are able to look for these early signs, you can bring yourself back into alignment. You may have to develop skills that will support that, but half the battle is won simply by seeing the energies shift.

What signals do you recognize in you when your energies are moving away from your integrity? Make note of them and when you start to see or feel the shift, check in with your soul, listen to your heart, talk to a respected friend, get quiet and listen to your truth. Find a way to re-direct your energies so that this effort saves you from the enormity of undoing the wrongs that will eventually result.

You are far more powerful than you know, and with these efforts, your path of good intention and your walk of integrity will be that much brighter and lighter.


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