Where Journey's Meet


By Gerry Ellen


The collaborative meeting of the most eloquent, aware and spiritually special voices have once again come together to meet and spill with light and love.

Their words are exquisitely housed under distinct categories that range from struggle to shadows to sisterhood, love, prayers, vulnerability, healing, courage, soul secrets and motherhood. Every nuance established within the lines of these emotions and rooted feelings are expressed in their open and rawness of the feminine. The pages are flowing with poem after poem of the beautifully captured art of the sacred woman.

If there were ever another night stand book to add to your collection, Where Journeys Meet: The Voice of Women’s Poetry would have to be sitting on top of the stack, for when a heart-lifting moment is needed, or a resonance of inspiration during challenging times in life, or simply an affirmation that the path taken is one full of guidance and purpose. The collective poems in this novel are a true and authentic masterpiece of wisdom and grace. The cover lures you in with its purple and wispy art, only to covet the eyes from start to finish within the pages.

This is the second in a series for the editor and craftswoman of this project, Catherine Ghosh. Her undying passion for bringing together these women from all walks of life, by cheerleading and encouraging their voices to shine and glow like stars from above, Catherine has compiled chapters of a special magnitude. I have never read so many poetic voices that speak directly to my heart and soul. Some I know personally, others I hope to meet someday, as I continually read their articulate words telling stories.

Poetry is a longstanding fluency of words, where engaging the reader takes patience and willingness. It doesn’t smack us directly in our minds. The art of poetry seeks to lure and draw out every lasting emotion from the wells of our soul. I often have to read them several times, to understand and to put myself in the shoes of the author. Whether I gain the message conveyed, or simply breathe in the voices, there is a knowing that the flesh and blood of the artist goes so deep it truly hits the authenticity of our lives.

The variations of type, the rhythms of each line, the musical tone the poems cast, they are delicate and feeling.

Where Journeys Meet: The Voice of Women’s Poetry is a melding of the feminine like no other. Upon opening the first page, smelling the contents of that fresh book sensation, and allowing my eyes to shift from one creator to the next, there is magic all around. With the most compassionate and kindness-driven “forward” by Tanya Lee Markul to the “introduction” by Catherine herself, the stories within the book are profound and simple, all the same.

The words will lift and encourage. The words will offer us reasons to explore the dark night of our soul. The words will show us how to cope with struggles and challenges. The words will be in silent prayers and gifts, and mostly the words will evoke love.

For every woman (or man) who needs a shared mission to guide her (or him) down a path of warmth, love and empathy, Catherine Ghosh has found the salvation with these journeyed poets.

I’m in admiration of her collaborative work, and can only fathom these artistic voices gaining momentum throughout the remainder of our days in this life.


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Editor: Dana Gornall