By Daniel Scharpenburg


We all believe love is important.

We can’t live without it. It brings joy to the world and is necessary for human happiness.

But it’s also dangerous. In love we must have compassion and respect.

Love is not about attachment or ownership. It should not lead to selfishness, because real love involves cherishing and supporting.

Commitment to love can be very good, but it can also be dangerous. If people fail to love each other completely, then it can become a trap.

Real love is good, beautiful, honest and pure. Too often in life we equate love with desire. Wanting a person is not the same as loving that person. We view everything as a situation of ownership, but interactions with other human beings do not work that way. Love without respect isn’t real love and love without kindness also isn’t real love.

We should open our hearts and expand our love.

When the Buddha taught, it was an act of love. He was showing all beings the truths   that he had discovered about life.

We have the power to extend our love far and wide because the love in our hearts is boundless. We can love a tree as well as its branches. We can expand our love through compassion and purify it through wisdom.

We can treat our loved ones with respect and make sacrifices for them.

If we could be kind to others and expand our love, then we could change the world.



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Editor: Dana Gornall