By Gerry Ellen

The last time I looked up at the sky I said a whole bunch of prayers and manifestations, with the sole intent of bringing my dreams to fruition.

I haven’t stopped dreaming since I was a young thing, so the very notion of continuing this process isn’t hokey or unreal; it’s more of balancing the illusion of what the possibilities are, with the reality of bringing them to life.

I wholeheartedly believe that we are the masters of our fate.

Everything we feel, say and do turns into a karmic rendition of how the path becomes a journey, and how the journey is always the adventure. No one can lead it for us, no one can sway our decisions (unless too gullible, of course), and no one can tell us that dreams are a bunch of crap.

An illusion of love or business can become almost untouchable. Reach for it and it slips away as fast as it entered. The reality of both the heart and the head come to an agreement, and they either create more sunshine in the soul, or the mind does a spinning dance until one migraine or illness after another result from too much thinking.

So where does that leave those magical signs and messages that appear unexpectedly and synchronistic in our lives? If divine intervention is indeed a cause to be reckoned with and accepted, then the aforementioned cosmic acts only prove that things do happen for a reason. We control our thoughts, we control our actions, and the remainder is up to the Universe on how the seesaw of the collective amasses into one gigantic place of harmony.

I basically have the answer to nothing but my own process.

If I can project every waking hour onto the heavens as a means of satisfying my needs and desires, then life would certainly be a little more mundane. Don’t get me wrong, having all of my wishes met in a timely manner is the ultimate dream. But it leaves nothing to chance. Give me the challenge of going one step beyond where I thought I would go, and I’m instantly out of my happy comfort zone, and oh does it feel so good.

This is the most positive effect on growth I can imagine.

If it began as an illusion and manifested into reality (with patience and perseverance) the gods and goddesses would rejoice that I stayed in alignment with my highest good, and that asks for a listening self.

It is absolutely imperative that we listen. Listen to nature. Listen to our guts. Listen to the heart and the head battling it out for top position. Listen to people speaking their truths. Listen to new ideas and ways of relating. Listen to the joy of nuances in places that might have seemed dingy before. Listen to friends with perspectives different than our own.

The mixed bag of each ingredient has an amazing capacity to lift us to a strange place in this world, a whole set of bare naked feet landing on some solid earth that could spell wonderment. Is this what we desire? I hope so.

I could go all Webster Dictionary on this subject and define “illusion” and “reality” as two separate entities leading to the same conclusion.

This isn’t a textbook definition at all; it’s merely a realization that our perception of what is true might appear altered than what is actually taking place, without us even knowing it. A magic button has been pushed into abundance and we reap the benefits while we remain in a constant state of surrender.

My theory is a conundrum due to my own truth. I am an air sign. I live in my dreams. I relish in the feeling that anything is possible. I have an inner child who refuses to abandon her essence, or anything within earshot of good things happening. If our freedom and our lives depended on weakening the positive with shards of too much of either illusion or reality in the same sentence, then our balance is off.

And I plead with those who are hypocrites in their own right; saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.

This is an illusion. If we hail our supposed truths from a mighty altar (ie. social media and other outlet forms of expression), then we hold it within ourselves to live up to that truth.

This is reality.

Both are rooted in love, mainly because they lead to the same place within our hearts. If the fog lifts, then it is full speed ahead with those dreams becoming reality, and so on and so forth.

And you know what? This full moon, in the adventurous and true sign of Sagittarius, merges the illusion with the real. Yes, everything you desire is possible.

Go out and make it so.


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Editor: Dana Gornall