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By Rebecca Mckown


Thoughts have the power to put you on a path different from the one you are meant to be on.

The other morning I woke up, got out of bed and started thinking. A friend of mine had been aloof lately. She came to my mind and I started wondering about what I had done to bother her. Had I said something she didn’t like? Was she just being too sensitive?

I quickly caught on to what I was doing. My friend wasn’t even there yet I was still creating a story without her input.

Then I went even deeper: what rights do my thoughts have to create and make up why she was acting a certain way?

It was again a time for me to make the awesome realization that it was my thoughts which were creating tension within me, and not in fact anything my friend had done.

Our thoughts are powerful storytellers. They have the power to create friction, stress and general unhappiness. If this is possible, why then do most of us not use the power behind our thoughts to feel and be positive.

I’ll tell you why, it’s that three-letter word which tries and so often succeeds at taking control of our lives.


Everyone’s got one, and everyone needs to learn how to shut it down and instead turn up the volume of their internal GPS.

So how does one go about finding and listening to their internal GPS?

1.)  The first step is acknowledging you have one. Your GPS is that voice within you that speaks, warns and glows. It is not always loud which explains why we don’t always hear it. Do you remember a time when you just knew what direction to turn or you felt drawn to a certain person, or you knew that you shouldn’t do something? If so, that’s your inner-voice speaking to you, your GPS so to say. That voice knows what direction you need to be going.

2.)  Start listening and feeling. When a thought comes to your mind does it make you feel good or bad, stressed or relaxed? If your thoughts make you feel generally content then you are following your inner-voice or GPS. If the thought makes you feel tense, stressed, or even angry that is your Ego at work. As soon as you feel a negative reaction, take note of it, realize where it’s coming from and stop the internal jabber. Your ego will fight you. It will keep trying to convince you to keep thinking your negative thoughts. Overpower it. It does you no good. Just silence your thoughts at these times.

3.)  Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of focusing your mind on the present moment. Just stop whatever you are doing and take note of your senses. What do you see around you? What sounds surround your? Are there any distinct smells or something to feel? Is there something to be tasted? If so, what specifically are the flavors of what you taste? Take it all in and enjoy. When you’re mindful and taking in your senses, your other thoughts will be silenced. There will be no room left for your ego to interfere.

4.)  Gratitude. Through practicing gratitude you become aware of the good around you. And through this your negative thoughts will be silenced even for a bit. When your mind is busy noticing the good around you, it can’t be bothered with the negative. Make a conscious effort to practice gratitude throughout the day. Make a schedule, say every time you wash your hands, think of one thing to be grateful for. With practice it will become second nature and before long your ego won’t have much room to interfere.

With conscious thought and practice you will be able to take control of your thoughts and help guide them. Remember, you have the power and choice to live above Ego. It is not always easy but so worth the effort.

Next time your thoughts take you on a wild ride of judgment, tension or pain, turn down the volume of your Ego and turn up the volume of your GPS. That is the station you are meant to be tuned in to.


Rebecca MckownRebecca Mckown is a storyteller, creator of magic and believer in self-truth. She has always had a story to tell through her words, sometimes loud, sometimes silent. Rebecca believes in a power that we all hold, waiting to be expressed and shared. Through her words, she hopes to communicate a belief in oneself and a power towards self-love and realization. She is a transformational coach, writer, creator, yogi, herbalist, chicken rancher, lover of life and kick ass spiritualist. Reb can be found at www.rebmckown.com and www.facebook.com/rebmckown


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