By Lisa Meade

Living life as a spiritual being in your human form is truly what it is all about.

But for many of us we find ourselves caught up in all of our humanness, struggling to bring into alignment our spirituality. Our ego gets in the way, our mind tries to take control and our emotions sometimes get the better of us.

How we perceive ourselves in this lifetime has so much to do with how we walk our path, answer our calling and share our gifts with others.

Perception is everything.

When we broaden our view of who we are and why we are here, we find that we do not need to live small, be dictated by other’s opinions or fail to explore the possibilities. It is important that we take time each day to explore what it is all about, why we are here, how we can grow and what can we give and receive.

The physical realm is a big part of who we are, there is no doubt about this. But, we also have the ability and the will to make our spiritual realm equally balanced. This sometimes takes trust, courage, insight and more. But why has our soul decided to dance in this lifetime? On a soul level, we know why. That is where the trust comes in.

Learning to trust that even during those times when we feel lost, overwhelmed or confused, all is proceeding as it should on a soul level.

Our higher power is cradling us gently in all our struggles and successes. We need to let go of the need, the desire and the habit of being in full control.

After all, we know on some level, that is a farce anyway.

Then there is the courage. As we take steps in trust we find that we need to draw upon a bit of courage as well. We may need to take some calculated risks or need to break out of old patterns. We try new endeavors and make new goals and dreams. We boldly go where we have not gone before.

While our life path may not be the yellow brick road, making friends with our cowardly lion and empowering that aspect of ourselves will surely serve us well. We learn to trust our innate wisdom and find the courage to act upon it.

As we begin to understand what this life is all about we lean into our insight. Our soul gifts us with deep knowing and understanding. Those hunches that we get about what to do next are a part of that. Often insight will appear in our dreamtime as the answers to our day’s questions, manifest in unusual and delightful landscapes and scenarios.

Our insights are like road signs that gently guide us along. These aha moments—the awareness that grabs our attention just as we are about to make a decision, the repeated messages that cannot go unnoticed when we take our new steps of trust with a healthy dose of courage, are all a part of the insight that has been blooming within us over time.

We have chosen to be in this human form in this lifetime. Of course we cannot even begin to tap into what it is all about. We are not supposed to know. But there are some things that we do know. This inner knowing helps us with our trust, supports our courage and inspires our insight.

Our soul continues to call us forth. Our heart fires our passion and love. Our mind generates new ideas and tremendous possibilities. And our beautiful human body helps us bring action to our intentions.

There are so many reasons we are here.

Why not bring into balance your spiritual practice and inner knowing and authentic truth to walk beside your human vulnerabilities, capabilities and strengths. As we remember who we are, we discover what the next step is.

As we honor who we are it becomes easier and easier to bravely trust our soul insight and bring all of who we are out to the world.


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Editor: Dana Gornall



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